Residential life 

Access a full Residential Life Program that complements your university experience and eases your transition into tertiary study

Who is it for?

University of Melbourne students who live at one of the following residences:

  • Lisa Bellear House
  • University Apartments
  • Little Hall
  • UniLodge Lincoln House
  • The Lofts at Melbourne Connect

From the moment you arrive, you'll be part of a caring community made up of students from all over the world. When you live with us, you’re not only given a safe place to land. You’ll have a launching pad for your university experience and beyond.

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Inclusions and benefits

Team of dedicated staff and residential assistants

We will welcome you into a home that makes you feel safe and comfortable, with a focus on supporting you as you grow your independence.

Connect with other students

Meet friends who’ll support your passions and become a part of you life-long network.

Learn more about yourself

Discover who you want to become in today’s global climate, while also contributing to your local community.

Your academic needs

We provide you with information on managing course work, developing support systems, and utilising the resources available to you.

Opportunities to develop your leadership skills

This includes opportunities to become a paid residential assistant at the residence you live in.

Activities and events

Enjoy sport, academic and career training workshops and social events.

First-year program

As a first-year student, we know it can be a big adjustment, and this may be your first time living out of home. We provide a specialised program so you’ll feel confident stepping into this next stage and develop skills that will help you succeed at university and in the wider world. 

Bachelor of Science

Nur Fatihah Abu Hassan

“Living in Lisa Bellear House has made the transition from living at home to being independent much smoother and most importantly, more fun! Having a community of such diverse backgrounds has really made me feel welcomed and accepted. With events happening almost every other day, the act of making friends and building my own circle was made that much easier. Combined with access to many different leisure spots & study areas in the building, a balanced working environment was achieved for me to smoothly transition between studies and socialising. Overall, Lisa Bellear House is definitely more than just an accommodation; it is a home and a community that I will always be grateful to have been a part of.”

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