How VTAC preferences work

All VTAC preferences are considered simultaneously

As a VTAC applicant, you have the option to list up to 8 course preferences in your application. Each of your nominated VTAC preferences will consider your application at the same time, regardless of how high or low they appear on your preference list.

Your VTAC preference order can't disadvantage your application

Universities don't consider whether their course is preference number 1 or 8 when deciding to make you an offer.

You only receive a single offer each round

All of your preferences inform VTAC by the same deadline if they wish to make you an offer. VTAC then examines your preferences and sends you a single offer that corresponds to your highest preference. This means placing your dream course below a course that you're sure will accept you will likely result in you receiving an offer for your first preference; and you'll never know if your dream course would have made you an offer.

Considering a Graduate Degree Package?

Applications for our Graduate Degree Packages must be made through VTAC. Each Graduate Degree Package has a unique VTAC code. You won't automatically be offered a place in the single undergraduate degree that corresponds to your chosen Graduate Degree Package. It is important to ensure you have included the single degree VTAC code on your preference list if you wish to be considered for the single degree.