Applying to Melbourne?

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Bachelor of Agriculture70.00 72.00 -68.0070.002425
Bachelor of Arts85.00 88.00 76.0083.0085.003031
Bachelor of Biomedicine94.00 95.00 88.0093.0095.003637
Bachelor of Commerce91.00 93.00 82.0092.0094.003536
Bachelor of Design85.00 88.00 76.0083.0085.003031
Bachelor of Science85.00 88.00 76.0083.0085.003031

Domestic and onshore international school-leaver applicants who complete an Australian Year 12 qualification or the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma in 2021, apply for their preferred undergraduate course in VTAC, satisfy course prerequisites, achieve the Guaranteed ATAR (or notional ATAR) and preference appropriately to receive an offer will be certain of a place in their chosen degree.

Domestic school-leaver applicants who satisfy course prerequisites and achieve the 2022 minimum ATAR will still be considered for a place but are not guaranteed.

*Access Melbourne

Applicants who meet the eligibility requirements for disadvantaged financial background and/ or resident of a rural or isolated area categories for Access Melbourne may be considered for guaranteed entry.

What will study look like in 2022?

We look forward to welcoming many of our students to the University in person for the first time in 2022, and welcoming many others back, as we prepare to return a significant volume of our teaching activities to campus.

Our approach to increasing campus activity will be gradual in line with Victoria's roadmap. We continue to carefully manage on-campus activities, guided by agreed principles and priorities, while also delivering a range of teaching and learning, research and support services online to ensure fair and equitable access for everyone.

Restrictions have eased across Victoria (as of 11:59pm 18 November) under Phase D of Victoria’s Roadmap to deliver the national plan. Key settings in Phase D include:

  • Masks are required indoors only in limited settings including retail, health care, aged care, and justice facilities, at primary schools and on public transport, taxis and rideshare. (Existing exemptions apply)
  • Masks continue to be recommended if you can’t physically distance, if you have any symptoms, or if you are with people who may be vulnerable to COVID-19
  • Staff and students must be vaccinated to be on site. Vaccination requirements apply from the age of 12 and 2 months unless a medical exemption applies.
  • Arts venues, museums and galleries, and creative studios, events, hospitality, food courts and retail are open for fully vaccinated people
  • Sports grounds, gyms and swimming pools are open for fully vaccinated people
  • There are no limits on travel or accommodation in Victoria and there are no limits on leaving Victoria, but travel may be impacted by rules at your destination – check before you book. When you return, you must obtain a permit from Service Victoria and follow your permit conditions and requirements.

Updated COVIDSafe Settings will be published at

What happens if there are travel restrictions and I can’t get to Melbourne?

We acknowledge that international travel restrictions mean that students who are currently overseas may be unable to attend campus. Online teaching and assessment will continue as long as necessary for students who are overseas or otherwise unable to attend campus. We are committed to supporting students to progress through their degrees.

University Accommodation offers you the ability to suspend your agreement if travel restrictions make it impossible for you to travel to Melbourne. Secure your room now without the stress of lock-in contracts. Conditions apply.

Do you offer scholarships and special entry schemes?

Yes, we are proud to have a comprehensive scholarship and equity program. Our offering includes awards, bursaries, grants and full scholarships. Each of these may be awarded to an applicant based on a broad spectrum of criteria ranging from academic merit to residential location or financial hardship. Discover our full range of scholarships on our scholarships website.

Most Melbourne scholarships are considered automatically as part of your application, but some can require a separate application. For example, the First in the Family Scholarship for commencing commerce students and the Indigenous Accommodation Grant are open now for applications.

Check your faculty website and search on the scholarships website to discover all scholarships you could be eligible for.

Access Melbourne

Access Melbourne is our Special Entry Access Scheme (SEAS) for domestic applicants. VTAC SEAS applications for 2022 entry closed in VTAC in October 2021.

Access Melbourne ensures that a student’s unique personal circumstances, such as financial hardship, medical conditions, or location, are considered when your course application is assessed. Mature‐aged students and Indigenous and Torres Strait Islander applicants may also be eligible. If you have applied for Access Melbourne, depending on what categories you apply under, you could benefit from guaranteed entry to one of our participating bachelors degrees or you may be offered a place at Melbourne even if your ATAR is below the published minimum (subject to meeting course prerequisites).

All Access Melbourne applicants are also automatically considered for University of Melbourne Access Scholarships.

Study score consideration in addition to ATAR

This year we expanded eligibility criteria for Access Melbourne, so there are now more ways to study at Melbourne.

If your ATAR is below the usual level selected but are eligible for at least one of these four Access Melbourne categories: Disadvantaged financial background, Resident of a rural or isolated area, Difficult circumstances and/or Disability or medical condition.

You may be considered for a place at Melbourne using criteria in addition to your ATAR. You'll need to:
- Satisfy all course prerequisites
- Achieve a (raw) VCE study score of at least 35 in one or more of the VCE Unit 3/4 subjects (or equivalent) specified for your course(s) of interest at Melbourne
- Provide a VTAC personal statement
- Achieve an ATAR of at least 72.00 for the Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Design and Bachelor of Science; 80.00 for the Bachelor of Commerce; 86.00 for the Bachelor of Biomedicine.

The deadline for submitting a VTAC personal statement is 3 December 2021 (before ATARs are released). You can edit your statement up until 4 January 2022, once your know your results and know that you meet the other eligibility criteria.

Your VTAC personal statement should highlight your career ambitions, outline the future benefits for the community you hope to achieve, and your motivations for participating in higher education study at Melbourne.

Can I secure my study pathway from an undergraduate degree into a professional masters degree?

Yes, the University offers guarantees, course pages and scholarships for students applying for 2022 entry to Melbourne undergraduate degrees.

Melbourne Chancellor's Scholarship

The Melbourne Chancellor’s Scholarship is a comprehensive scholarship awarded to eligible high-achieving Year 12 school leavers in Australia. You’ll automatically be considered for this scholarship if you are eligible when you apply to the University of Melbourne via VTAC.

The Melbourne Chancellor’s Scholarship provides recipients with numerous benefits including a guaranteed Commonwealth Supported Place (CSP) in one of the University’s professional masters degrees, for students who meet all course prerequisites and entry requirements. Domestic and international school leavers are eligible for this scholarship.

What is a Graduate Degree Package?

Our Graduate Degree Packages for school leavers bundle an undergraduate degree offer with an offer for a place in one of our specialised, professional graduate school programs. This means you have secured your undergraduate and graduate place at the University of Melbourne from day one. Graduate Degree Packages are open to domestic and international school leavers applying for study at Melbourne in 2021. Applicants need to complete an Australian Year 12 or the International Baccalaureate (IB) in Australia to be eligible for a Graduate Degree Package. Australian citizens who complete the above qualifications outside of Australia are also eligible.

Domestic students are eligible for a CSP for both their undergraduate and graduate studies, while international students may receive an International Fee Place place in both their undergraduate and graduate programs.

You may select your preferred package based on the career outcome you're working toward. For example, you can enrol in the Bachelor of Science and have your spot in the Master of Engineering locked in right away.

How do I apply?

Applications for our Graduate Degree Packages must be made through VTAC. Each Graduate Degree Package has a unique VTAC code. You won't automatically be offered a place in the single undergraduate degree that corresponds to your chosen Graduate Degree Package. It is important to ensure you have included the single degree VTAC code on your preference list if you wish to be considered for the single degree.

Will Access Melbourne and other special entry access schemes be taken into consideration?

Access Melbourne and other special entry access schemes will not apply for Graduate Degree Package applicants. Such applicants will need to ensure they meet the ATAR requirement for their desired package. Applicants who are eligible for Access Melbourne and a Graduate Degree Package will still be considered for a Melbourne Access Scholarship.

When I receive a Graduate Degree Package offer am I locked into completing the graduate program?

You do not have to complete your chosen graduate degree to receive your undergraduate qualification when you accept a Graduate Degree Package offer. You may conclude your studies with a bachelors qualification or pursue another career by applying for a different graduate degree. Please note that your guaranteed place in the graduate program will only apply to the course listed in the Graduate Degree Package.

I don't have an ATAR?

The Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR) is used to measure your overall academic achievement in comparison to other Year 12 students studying in Australia. It is a national rank, not a mark, that indicates your position relative to others in your age group and is used by universities to determine eligibility for entry into a course.

I studied an International Baccalaureate (IB)

You will be sent a notional ATAR statement. A notional ATAR is a rank calculated by VTAC used to directly compare the results of applicants who have studied under different Victorian educational systems. A notional ATAR is treated equally as a normal ATAR for course selection and all other purposes.

I studied at a high school overseas

You’ll need to check if your education provider’s qualification meets the minimum Victorian Tertiary Entrance Requirements.

I didn't complete Year 12

If you didn’t complete Year 12 and are a non-school leaver, we have an entry pathway through our Access Melbourne special entry scheme. You’ll need to demonstrate your likelihood to succeed in your application. If you are already studying at TAFE or university at certificate IV level or higher you'll be able to use those results for your application to study.

Diploma in General Studies

The Diploma in General Studies (DiGS) is taught at our Dookie campus in regional Victoria and offers a pathway to enter the Bachelor of Arts, Agriculture, Biomedicine, Commerce, Design or Science at the University of Melbourne.

DiGS will help you to develop the academic skills required for success at university. Upon completion, you may receive guaranteed entry into one of the above undergraduate degrees. Guaranteed entry applies only to those eligible for Access Melbourne and upon meeting the required guaranteed scores on completion of the DiGS. The Minimum ATAR for 2022 is 50.00. This program is only available for domestic students.

Supported degree programs for Indigenous Australians

Designed for motivated and aspiring Australian Indigenous students who have not obtained the results for direct entry into the Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science or Diploma of General Studies.

These extended courses aim to build a strong foundation for future success among a range of disciplines. During your additional year of study, you may access specialised academic support through foundation studies in key areas such as academic literacy, communication and performance, literature, philosophy and environmental studies. In addition, you’ll also receive tailored support through the Murrup Barak. Eligible students who receive an ATAR score of 50.00+ are encouraged to apply.