Frequently Asked Questions

In order to change any of your course or university application preferences simply head to the VTAC website, login and amend your application. You will not have to pay any additional fees.

You are only able to change your preferences during the VTAC change of preference timeframe. Deadlines are dependent on the type of application you have submitted including whether you are a domestic, international or International Baccalaureate (IB) student.

Avoid missing out by amending your application prior to the cut-off dates outlined on the VTAC website.

There are many factors to consider when updating your undergraduate course or university preferences. You may find you have a few questions – perhaps surrounding course specific details, the Melbourne Model, scholarships, equity programs, University Accommodation or guaranteed graduate study pathways. Our team at Stop 1 are easily contactable and ready to answer these questions, and more.

There are multiple VTAC offer rounds for students based in Victoria and Queensland, domestically or internationally. Check out the VTAC offer rounds that you are eligible for on the VTAC website.

If you have completed the IB, you will receive a notional ATAR from VTAC that will correspond to the Minimum ATAR and Lowest Selection Rank. The ‘Entry Requirements’ tab of each course on the University of Melbourne website can be filtered to show the equivalent IB subjects and grades needed to satisfy course prerequisites.

The University of Melbourne’s score requirements for IB prerequisites is different from the VTAC conversion. Unless otherwise stated, IB applicants need to achieve a minimum of a Grade 4 in either Standard Level or Higher Level to satisfy a prerequisite subject for entry to a University of Melbourne course.

The December Offer Round Domestic is a new, additional round of university offers made via VTAC to current Year 12 VCE (Victoria) and QCE (Queensland) applicants. At the University of Melbourne an offer may be made during this round to applicants of all undergraduate courses for Semester 1 2020.

Please note: Indicative ATARs to receive a December round offer are likely to be higher than the ATAR required to receive an offer in the January round. This means Year 12 VCE and QCE applicants who do not receive an offer from the University of Melbourne during the December round may still receive an offer during the January offer round. The 2019 Lowest Adjusted ATAR for your preferred course, while not a guarantee, remains the best indicator of your chances of receiving an offer.

Students who have completed an Australian Year 12 outside of Victoria or Queensland, as well as domestic students who have completed the IB, will be considered during the January offer round.

Find out more about the December Offer Round Domestic.

The VTAC December offer round domestic takes place on 18 December 2019.

VCE and QCE applicants who may receive a December round VTAC offer include:

  • Applicants who are eligible for an Access Melbourne selection guarantee
  • Applicants who are eligible for selection guarantees in Melbourne courses, including our Melbourne Chancellor’s Scholars Program, Graduate Degree Packages and the Bachelor of Commerce.
  • Applicants for the Bachelor of Music or Bachelor of Fine Arts who have received notification that they were successful in meeting the extra requirements and are otherwise eligible for a VTAC offer.
  • Students applying to an undergraduate course – where selection is based on ATAR and no selection guarantee applies – may receive an offer during the December offer round, if their ATAR meets the indicative ATAR requirements of their chosen course (see indicative December ATAR).

No, if you achieve this ATAR you are likely to receive an offer, however this is not a guarantee.

Yes, the University of Melbourne will be making a significant amount of offers in the January Offer Round Domestic.

Don’t stress or be discouraged, the University of Melbourne will be making a significant amount of our offers in January.

The University of Melbourne offers undergraduate students the opportunity to complement their learning by taking subjects that interest them in more than 100 areas of study. Breadth study will allow you to either take individual subjects that interest or build upon your passions – why not consolidate your music performance skills or learn a language?

Yes, the University offers the following entry guarantees and packages for students applying for 2020 entry to Melbourne undergraduate degrees:

Our Graduate Degree Packages for school leavers bundle an undergraduate degree offer with an offer for a place in one of our specialised, professional entry graduate school programs. This means you have secured your undergraduate and graduate place at the University of Melbourne from day one.

You may select your preferred Graduate Degree Package based on the career outcome you are working toward. For example, students could enrol in the Bachelor of Science and lock in their spot in the Master of Engineering.

See our full list of Graduate Degree Packages.

Applications for Graduate Degree Packages must be made through VTAC. Each Graduate Degree Package has a unique VTAC code. Domestic students are eligible for a Commonwealth Supported Place for both their undergraduate and graduate studies, while international students may receive a full fee‐paying place in one of our programs.

Check out  our full list of available Graduate Degree Packages along with further entry requirements.

You do not have to complete your chosen graduate degree to receive your undergraduate qualification when you accept a Graduate Degree Package offer.

You may conclude your studies with a bachelor’s qualification or pursue another career by applying for a different graduate degree. Please note however that your guaranteed place in graduate study will only apply to the course listed in the Graduate Degree Package.

No, you will not automatically be offered a place in the single undergraduate degree that corresponds to your chosen Graduate Degree Package. It is important to ensure you make a separate application for your preferred single undergraduate degree.

For example, if you apply for the Bachelor of Science / Master of Engineering Graduate Degree Package (entry ATAR 96.00+) and you achieve an ATAR of 95.50, you will not automatically be made an offer for the Bachelor of Science undergraduate degree (entry ATAR 85.00). If you would like to be considered for the single undergraduate degree, you will need to include this separate VTAC code on your preference list.

Graduate Degree Packages are open to domestic and international school leavers applying for study at Melbourne in 2020. Applicants need to complete an Australian Year 12 or the International Baccalaureate (IB) in Australia to be eligible for a Graduate Degree Package. Australian citizens who complete the above qualifications outside of Australia are also eligible.

Domestic students are eligible for a Commonwealth Supported Place for both their undergraduate and graduate studies, while international students may receive a full fee‐paying place in of our programs.

Special consideration will not apply for either the ATAR requirement or the WAM requirement (where applicable) of the Graduate Degree Packages.

Applicants who are eligible for Access Melbourne and a Graduate Degree Package will still be considered for a Melbourne Access Scholarship.

Yes, the University of Melbourne is proud to have a comprehensive scholarship and equity program. Our offering includes awards, bursaries, grants and full scholarships. Each of these may be awarded to applicant based on a broad spectrum of criteria ranging from academic merit to residential location or financial hardship. Find out more about our scholarships on our scholarships website; or head here  to learn more about our special entry access scheme, Access Melbourne.

Access Melbourne is the University of Melbourne’s Special Entry Access Scheme (SEAS). Access Melbourne ensures that a student’s unique personal circumstances, including financial hardship, medical conditions, or location, are considered when their undergraduate course application is assessed. Mature‐aged students and Indigenous and Torres Strait Islander applicants may also be eligible.

All Access Melbourne applicants are also automatically considered for University of Melbourne Access Scholarships.

The Melbourne Chancellor’s Scholarship is a comprehensive scholarship awarded to eligible high-achieving students from Australia and overseas.

You will automatically be considered for this scholarship, if you are eligible, when you apply to the University of Melbourne via VTAC.

The Melbourne Chancellor’s Scholarship provides recipients with numerous benefits including aguaranteed Commonwealth Supported Place in one of the University’s professional master’s degrees, for students who meet all course pre-requisites and entry requirements.

6. Alternative Entry Pathways

The Diploma in General Studies (DiGS) offers a pathway to study an undergraduate degree in Agriculture, Biomedicine, Commerce, Design and Science at the University of Melbourne. DiGS can help you to develop the academic skills required for success at university. Upon completion you may receive guaranteed entry* into one of the above undergraduate degrees.

*Guaranteed entry applies only to those eligible for Access Melbourne and upon meeting the required guaranteed scores on completion of the DiGS.

The Minimum ATAR 2020 is 50.00. This program is only available for domestic students.

Find out more about DiGS.

The Bachelor of Arts (Extended) and the Bachelor of Science (Extended) are four‐year degrees for Australian Indigenous students. Each degree is designed for motivated and aspiring Indigenous students who have not obtained the results for direct entry into the Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science programs and aims to build a strong foundation for success among a range of disciplines.

During your additional year of study, you may access specialised academic support through foundation studies in key areas such as: academic literacy, communication and performance, literature, philosophy and environmental studies. In addition, you will also receive support through the Murrup Barak centre and will live in one of the colleges affiliated with the University of Melbourne.

Eligible students who receive an ATAR score of more than 50 are encouraged to apply.