If you have received a January Round 1 offer but are still considering your options, you have an opportunity to change your preference and receive an offer in February Round 1 to study with us in 2019.

Ranked 6th globally for graduate employability, the University of Melbourne supports you to achieve your career goals and prepares you for the workforce from day one. You will have access to career mentoring programs, work-integrated learning opportunities, and coaching that goes beyond discipline-specific and technical knowledge to develop the soft skills employers value.

We’ll support you when it matters most; from enrolment assistance and accommodation, including our University Accommodation, through to health and wellbeing services, and professional development opportunities that work to build your confidence and help you master the skills needed to stand out to employers.

Review the degrees available for February Round 1 below, including the Selection Lowest ATAR (formerly Clearly-In-Rank) for 2019. For more information on how to change your preference visit the VTAC website by 4pm, 25 January 2019.

A change of preference could change everything.

February Round 1 courses available

The University of Melbourne will be making offers for most courses in February offer round 1 (previously known as round 2).


The table below shows the selection outcomes for the January offer round 1. The Selection Lowest ATARs are expected to be similar in the February offer round 1. Students can use them as a guide of the minimum ATAR required. Students can add a course to their preference list but must also meet the pre-requisite subjects for the course.

*For students considering courses in the Faculty of Fine Arts and Music they will only be considered if they have already completed the extra requirements.

(previously Clearly-in Rank)
Agriculture 192 70.35
Agriculture/Law -  
Arts 1841 85.00
Arts (Chancellor’s Scholars) 12 99.90
Arts (Extended) 16 n/a
Arts/Law 5 99.80
Arts/Teaching 21 95.00
Arts/Urban Planning n/p  
Biomedicine 745 94.05
Biomedicine (Chancellor’s Scholars) 60 99.90
Biomedicine/Dental Surgery 13 99.85
Biomedicine/Engineering 61 96.10
Biomedicine/Law n/p  
Biomedicine/Optometry 28 99.00
Biomedicine/Physiotherapy 17 98.00
Commerce 1038 93.00
Commerce (Chancellor’s Scholars) 16 99.90
Commerce/Engineering 64 96.00
Commerce/Law 9 99.80
Design 396 86.20
Design (Chancellor’s Scholars) n/p  
Design/Architecture 14 98.30
Design/Construction Management n/p  
Design/Engineering 11 96.20
Design/Landscape Architecture -  
Design/Law -  
Design/Property n/p  
Design/Teaching -  
Design/Urban Planning n/p  
Fine Arts (Acting)* 21 n/a
Fine Arts (Animation)* 10 n/a
Fine Arts (Dance)* 32 n/a
Fine Arts (Design and Production)* 33 n/a
Fine Arts (Film and Television)* 16 n/a
Fine Arts (Music Theatre)* 20 n/a
Fine Arts (Screenwriting)* 20 n/a
Fine Arts (Theatre)* 19 n/a
Fine Arts (Visual Art)* 123 n/a
General Studies 53 50.30
Music* 192 n/a
Music (Chancellor’s Scholars)* n/p n/a
Music/Law* - n/a
Music/Teaching* n/p n/a
Oral Health 98 83.00
Science 1859 85.00
Science (Chancellor’s Scholars) 57 99.90
Science (Extended) 10 n/a
Science/Dental Surgery 5 99.85
Science/Engineering 185 96.00
Science/Law -  
Science/Optometry 12 99.00
Science/Physiotherapy 20 98.05
Science/Teaching 10 95.40
Science/Veterinary Medicine 27 98.55

"-" for courses that made 0 offers "n/p" – less than 5 offers