Skills and Careers for the 21st Century: Where to from here?

Online event

Even prior to the pandemic, the 21st Century had started to require different sets of skills and attitudes in understanding what skills are important for rapidly changing industries. The current pandemic has only escalated these changes. As a result, students are expected to have a very different skills profile by the time they graduate from tertiary education. For example, beyond their area of studies or interest, it will be important for graduates to have some level of digital skills. At the same time, interdisciplinary studies are becoming even more important in a world that is breaking down silos, where Accounting firms hire STEM graduates, and where Google looks for Humanities graduates. Yet, many students and parents continue to make decisions based on 20th century knowledge and trends. The session seeks to unpack just what we need to advise students on the skills and careers for the Digital Century.

Associate Professor Shanton Chang, Associate Dean (International) Melbourne School of Engineering.
Megan Dench, Manager, Careers and Employability, University of Melbourne.