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2022 indicative entry standards for domestic applicants

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Bachelor of Agriculture

Make a difference to the environment, animals and agriculture to address sustainability, food security and climate change.

Indicative minimum ATAR: 70.00
Guaranteed ATAR: 72.00
Indicative minimum WAM (%): 65

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Bachelor of Arts

Build interdisciplinary knowledge, community leadership and cultural awareness and graduate with the skills necessary to succeed in the rapidly changing, global workplace.

Indicative minimum ATAR: 85.00
Guaranteed ATAR: 88.00
Indicative minimum WAM (%): 75

Biomedicine in lab jackets

Bachelor of Biomedicine

Our integrated curriculum emphasises the relationship between the biomedical science disciplines that underpin modern clinical practice and prepares you for the challenges of contemporary health delivery and research.

Indicative minimum ATAR: 94.00
Guaranteed ATAR: 95.00
Indicative minimum WAM (%): 90

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Bachelor of Commerce

Make a difference to society, policy, and organisations while forging a pathway to a global career. Choose from six majors or a double major, combining Accounting, Economics, Finance, Marketing, and/or Management.

Indicative minimum ATAR: 91.00
Guaranteed ATAR: 93.00
Indicative minimum WAM (%): 70

Design student looks at other student work on the wall of MSD

Bachelor of Design

Combine the humanities, sciences and visual and performing arts within a single degree. Become an innovative thinker and tailor your skills through breadth study and third-year design specialisations to discover your power to transform and provide lasting solutions that improve lives.

Indicative minimum ATAR: 85.00
Guaranteed ATAR: 88.00
Indicative minimum WAM (%): 75

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Bachelor of Music

A range of selection criteria is used for selection.

The Performance, Musicology/Ethnomusicology and Music Studies specialisations in the Bachelor of Music are open to applicants applying for mid-year entry.

Please note that the Composition, Interactive Composition, and Jazz and Improvisation specialisations are not open for mid-year applications.

Bachelor of Science

With more than 40 majors on offer, you can select from the full range of science, biomedicine, mathematics, engineering and IT subjects. If you want a job in an emerging industry, or maybe one that hasn't even been thought of yet, the Bachelor of Science will get you there.

Indicative minimum ATAR: 85.00
Guaranteed ATAR: 88.00
Indicative minimum WAM (%): 75

Guaranteed ATAR: Domestic school-leaver applicants who: completed an Australian Year 12 qualification or the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma in 2021 (or will complete an Australian Year 12 qualification or the IB Diploma by mid-year 2022); apply for their preferred undergraduate course in VTAC; satisfy course prerequisites; achieve the Guaranteed ATAR (or notional ATAR), and preference appropriately to receive an offer will be certain of a place in their chosen degree. Please note that you will not be classified as a school-leaver applicant if you have completed any tertiary studies since completing the Australian Year 12 or the IB Diploma (or equivalent).

Indicative minimum ATAR: Domestic school-leaver applicants who satisfy course prerequisites and achieve the 2022 minimum ATAR will still be considered for a place but are not guaranteed. The lowest selection ATAR to which a domestic offer is made may be higher than the minimum ATAR, depending on demand for the course and the number of places available. Only domestic applicants eligible for special entry schemes may be admitted below the minimum ATAR.

Indicative minimum WAM (%): Final entry standards in our mid-year intake depend upon the demand for our available places, which means that meeting the indicative minimum weighted average mark (WAM) published here does not guarantee a place.

Pathway courses

Access specialised academic support and pave your pathway to a Melbourne degree.

Diploma in General Studies

A range of criteria is used for selection, including a minimum ATAR of 50.00.

Diploma in General Studies (Extended)

A range of criteria is used for selection. Available only to Indigenous Australians who are of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander descent.

Bachelor of Arts (Extended)

A range of criteria is used for selection. Available only to Indigenous Australians who are of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander descent.

Graduate Degree Packages

Discover the range of career and study pathways available and entry requirments.

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Follow your career ambitions from day one

Do you want to become an architect or engineer? You can secure your place in the Bachelor of Design or Science and Master of Architecture or Engineering now.

Our Graduate Degree Packages for school leavers bundle your undergraduate degree offer with an offer for a place in one of our many specialised, professional entry graduate school programs.

Each Graduate Degree Package has it's own unique VTAC code. Domestic students are eligible for a Commonwealth Supported Place for both your undergraduate and graduate studies, while international students may receive a full fee paying place in one of our programs.

How to apply

VTAC applications

Domestic applicants, current undergraduate students wanting to transfer courses, those completing an Australian Year 12 qualification (worldwide) and those completing an International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma in Australia or New Zealand must apply through the Victorian Tertiary Admissions Centre (VTAC). Applications are open from 4 April -  10 June 2022.

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Direct applications

Students with an international secondary school qualification are required to apply directly to the University of Melbourne for mid-year entry. Completed applications should be submitted online by 31 May 2022.

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“The beauty of doing a Melbourne undergraduate degree is that my decision isn't set in stone; I still have lots of time to explore what I'm interested in. I might change my mind, or I might not, but whatever decision I make, I know I'll have years of study to back it up."

Irfan Hassain (Bachelor of Arts)