Indicative entry standards for mid-year 2021 entry (domestic applicants)

CourseIndicative minimum ATAR*Guaranteed ATAR^Indicative minimum WAM (%)
Bachelor of Agriculture70.0072.0075
Bachelor of Arts85.0088.0080
Bachelor of Arts (Extended)#Range of criteria used for selection (minimum ATAR is 50.00)Range of criteria used for selectionRange of criteria used for selection
Bachelor of Biomedicine94.0095.0090
Bachelor of Commerce93.00^95.0070
Bachelor of Design85.0088.0080
Diploma in General StudiesRange of criteria used for selection (minimum ATAR is 50.00)Range of criteria used for selectionRange of criteria used for selection
Diploma in General Studies (Extended)#
[New in 2021]
Range of criteria used for selectionRange of criteria used for selectionRange of criteria used for selection
Bachelor of Music (Performance/ Composition/ Musicology/ Ethnomusicology specialisation)~Range of criteria used for selectionRange of criteria used for selectionRange of criteria used for selection
Bachelor of Science85.0088.0080

^ Domestic school-leaver applicants who: completed an Australian Year 12 qualification or the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma in 2020 (or will complete an Australian Year 12 qualification or the IB Diploma by mid-year 2021); apply for their preferred undergraduate course in VTAC; satisfy course prerequisites; achieve the Guaranteed ATAR (or notional ATAR), and preference appropriately to receive an offer will be certain of a place in their chosen degree. Please note that you will not be classified as a school-leaver applicant if you have completed any tertiary studies since completing the Australian Year 12 or the IB Diploma (or equivalent).

* Domestic school-leaver applicants who satisfy course prerequisites and achieve the 2021 minimum ATAR will still be considered for a place but are not guaranteed. The lowest selection ATAR to which a domestic offer is made may be higher than the minimum ATAR, depending on demand for the course and the number of places available. Only domestic applicants eligible for special entry schemes may be admitted below the minimum ATAR.

# Available only to Indigenous Australians who are of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander descent.

~ The Bachelor of Music Performance/ Composition/ Musicology/ Ethnomusicology specialisation is available to all applicants commencing at mid-year. Please note that the Interactive Composition, and Jazz and Improvisation specialisations are not available for mid-year commencement.

GRADUATE DEGREE PACKAGESUndergraduate courseMasters course
Agriculture/LawBachelor of AgricultureJuris Doctor
Arts/LawBachelor of ArtsJuris Doctor
Arts/TeachingBachelor of ArtsMaster of Teaching
Arts/Urban PlanningBachelor of ArtsMaster of Urban Planning
Biomedicine/Dental SurgeryBachelor of BiomedicineMaster of Dental Surgery
Biomedicine/EngineeringBachelor of  BiomedicineMaster of Engineering
Biomedicine/LawBachelor of  BiomedicineJuris Doctor
Biomedicine/OptometryBachelor of BiomedicineDoctor of Optometry
Biomedicine/PhysiotherapyBachelor of BiomedicineDoctor of Physiotherapy
Commerce/EngineeringBachelor of CommerceMaster of Engineering
Commerce/LawBachelor of CommerceJuris Doctor
Design/ArchitectureBachelor of DesignMaster of Architecture
Design/Construction ManagementBachelor of DesignMaster of Construction Management
Design/EngineeringBachelor of DesignMaster of Engineering
Design/Landscape ArchitectureBachelor of DesignMaster of Landscape Architecture
Design/LawBachelor of DesignJuris Doctor
Design/PropertyBachelor of DesignMaster of Property
Design/TeachingBachelor of DesignMaster of Teaching
Design/Urban PlanningBachelor of DesignMaster of Urban Planning
Science/Data ScienceBachelor of ScienceMaster of Data Science
Science/Dental SurgeryBachelor of ScienceDoctor of Dental Surgery
Science/EngineeringBachelor of ScienceMaster of Engineering
Science/LawBachelor of ScienceJuris Doctor
Science/OptometryBachelor of ScienceDoctor of Optometry
Science/PhysiotherapyBachelor of ScienceDoctor of Physiotherapy
Science/TeachingBachelor of ScienceMaster of Teaching
Science/Veterinary MedicineBachelor of ScienceDoctor of Veterinary Medicine

How to apply

VTAC applications

New domestic students, current undergraduate students wanting to transfer courses, those completing an Australian Year 12 qualification (worldwide) or an International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma in Australia or New Zealand can apply through the Victorian Tertiary Admissions Centre (VTAC). Applications are open from 7 April -  11 June 2021.

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Direct applications

Students with an international secondary school qualification are required to apply directly to the University of Melbourne for mid-year entry. Completed applications should be submitted online by 11 June 2021.

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“The beauty of doing a Melbourne undergraduate degree is that my decision isn't set in stone; I still have lots of time to explore what I'm interested in. I might change my mind, or I might not, but whatever decision I make, I know I'll have years of study to back it up."

Irfan Hassain (Bachelor of Arts)