The Melbourne degree advantage lies in distinctive approach and flexibility. Supported by tailored academic and career advice, our curriculum allows you to combine over 100 areas of study, so you're free to shape your degree with the confidence that your independent and innovative thinking will set you apart.

Collaborate with peers from over 130 countries, giving you the perspective and skills necessary for success in a global workplace.

How to apply

Domestic students

You can apply for mid-year intake through the Victorian Tertiary Admissions Centre (VTAC).

Apply through VTAC

International students

There are different ways to apply as an international student. Current University of Melbourne undergraduate students wanting to transfer to a different Melbourne course and those completing an Australian Year 12 qualification (worldwide) or an International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma in Australia or New Zealand apply through VTAC.

Apply through VTAC

All other international students are required to apply directly to the University for mid-year entry. Completed applications should be submitted online by 12 June for studies commencing in late August.

Apply direct

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Let's walk through the steps involved in applying, so you can feel confident submitting your application.

Domestic undergraduate students

International undergraduate students

Coronavirus notice: supporting you to learn flexibly

“The beauty of doing a Melbourne undergraduate degree is that my decision isn't set in stone; I still have lots of time to explore what I'm interested in. I might change my mind, or I might not, but whatever decision I make, I know I'll have years of study to back it up."

Irfan Hassain (Bachelor of Arts)