The decision to study a STEM discipline can give you the skills to pursue a career in countless professions and specialist areas from science to engineering, medicine to information technology, design and beyond. Highly transferable, STEM skills are consistently proven to increase graduate employability in today’s rapidly evolving job landscape.

Fulfil your curiosity as you learn why and how the world works. Choose an area of study that interests you and learn from leading academics and researchers in your field. Why not explore molecular biology, electricity or artificial intelligence? Find out about STEM at the University of Melbourne and sign up to receive STEM news and events all leading to make a positive impact around the globe.

Episode 1: Where Can STEM Take Me?

In this episode, we talk to Frances Separovic who was from a poor migrant family. She dropped out of uni for a while, but retained her curiosity and keenness to learn and is now a professor of a chemistry department. We also talk to software engineering student Yu Ting Lin and her fascinating skin pigment research.

calendar Published May 30th

Episode 2: Future proof your career

This week Dr Maddy Yewers discusses the importance of Maths, recruitment officer Steph Wilson demystifies getting into university, neuroscientist Dr Amy Shepherd talks about instinct and luck... and more

calendar Published June 6th

Episode 3: What else can I do with STEM?

In this episode we discuss changing from STEM to new adventures in law (Dr Leon Wong), business (Dr Martin Elhay), politics (Ellen Sandell) and journalism (Kate Ravilious). We wrap up with Erin Grant exploring wireless charging.

calendar Published July 4th

Episode 4: STEM for artsy types

In this episode, Leah Heiss, Mary Mathias and Nicki Cranna discuss with host Danielle Goulopoulos how they are using both the science and the arts to weave together fascinating careers.

calendar Published July 18th

Episode 5: Supporting your STEM student

This week our team discusses the transition from high school to university, visiting Open Day and finishes up with noise-cancelling headphones.

calendar Published August 1st

Episode 6: STEM: Will I fit in?

This weeks episode is all about diversity in STEM. Our panel discusses how diversity can lead to more efficient problem solving and greater innovation.

calendar Published August 15th
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Geena Glass: Astrophysics

Consider and be open to the freedom you could have at Melbourne with the Bachelor of Science, as you are able to select from so many different subject disciplines (in first year especially) that it's very easy to tailor a degree to you and what you like.

Suvini Perera: Biotechnology

With the world population ever climbing, biotechnology has the ability to directly answer problems related to the demand for food, medicines and many other key global challenges.

Neha Soni: Information Systems

Modern life is nothing without digital innovation; it’s driven by technological solutions to societal problems. But it also means we are faced with ever-increasing quantities of data, of diverse types and complexities.

Azelia Lim: Food and Packaging Innovation

The course not only enhances my knowledge and skills in food innovation, but also other aspects of the food system such as food chemistry, food safety and food packaging.

Catherine Wheller: Metamorphic Geology

My research seeks to extend our knowledge in the field of metamorphic geology in light of new methods for studying these rocks and advances in understanding metamorphic processes.

Holly Sizer: Medicine

When Holly found herself in Tanzania helping to deliver babies and treating people who’d walked many kilometres for medical aid, she knew where her future la.