Episode four: STEM for artsy types

STEM is a multidisciplinary pursuit. The truth is you can’t separate the Arts and Humanities from the Sciences, nor the Sciences from the Arts. It’s particularly exciting to see the Arts and Sciences collide.

In this episode, you will meet women using both the science and the arts to weave together fascinating careers. You’ll discover that when multidisciplinary teams work together, they come up with extraordinary things.

It's very likely if you work as a scientist you will work with artsy types and vice versa.

We almost called this podcast episode The Secret life of STEAM because STEM is really STEAM and that would have been a SmART title.

Also, in this episode: Danielle Goulopoulos, a University of Melbourne Arts student explores home assistants in the Reverse Engineering segment.

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  • Dr Leah Heiss, Designer and Academic,Wearable Health Technology & Human Centred Design, RMIT University
  • Dr Mary Mathias, Community Manager for EngineerGirl and the Online Ethics Center, National Academy of EngineeringNational Academy of Engineering, USA.
  • Dr Nicki Cranna, Scientific Education Coordinator, Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research



Guest Host: Danielle Goulopoulos

Episode host, Supervising Producer, Science advisor: Dr Andi Horvath

Producer, Editor: Buffy Gorrilla

Assistant producer: Silvi Vann-Wall

Additional editing: Arch Cuthbertson