Linguistics is the scientific study of human language in all its aspects including its structure, its diversity, how it changes and evolves, how people learn and make use of it to communicate.

Where can Linguistics and Applied Linguistics take you?

With your specialist knowledge of language, your refined communication skills, and your ability to solve problems in a range of contexts, you will possess a transferable skill set valued by employers. You might go on to work in careers in a variety of fields, such as language teaching, IT and linguistic technology, translation and interpreting, working with Indigenous communities, speech therapy and audiology, marketing, journalism and publishing.

Where do I start?

Before you begin studying a language, there are a couple of steps you will need to take:

1. Pick how you’ll study your chosen language

There is a wide range of options available to students interested in studying Linguistics and Applied Linguistics

2. Apply/Enrol

You’ll need to create an account and apply for your chosen course.

Visit your chosen course page and begin the application process.

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