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Study hacks to study smart

Discover what tips and resources can help you study smarter not harder.

Studying remotely

We have a wide range of digital tools and student services to help you study remotely, stay connected to your network and get your work done!

Go from bored to board with Melbourne University Chess Club

The Melbourne University Chess Club, love bringing people together from all over the university and at all skill levels to chat, play a friendly game of chess and meet new people!

Three things you never knew about cheerleading

Cheerleaders, what do you know about them? Read this article to find out three interesting facts about this sport.

Distanced, but still cheering: Melbourne Uni cheer and dance

Melbourne Uni Cheer and Dance club are passionate about team spirit, making lasting friendships, and making the most out of our university experience. They began in 2012 and have grown into a family of over 100 athletes in 2020.

Yoga Club: Finding balance in a changing world

The Melbourne University Graduate Yoga Society is not just about yoga! We aim to help students understand the art of maintaining a healthy life in today's fast-paced and hectic urban world. Our sessions are based on three key pillars; relaxing music (Kirtan), yoga sessions and engaging seminars focusing on topics related to mind, body, and soul.

Meet Mikaylah: a Palawa, Chinese and Samoan woman

Loud, fun and artistic, Mikaylah Lepua is studying photography as part of the Bachelor Fine Arts (Visual Art) and exploring her culture through her own unique lens.

Meet Ethan: First Nations student and Bachelor of Arts graduate

For Kaantju, Girrumay and Badu man, Ethan Savage, studying at UniMelb gave him the chance to find a new home in a new city, meet lifelong friends and connect to his First Nations heritage.