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Managing your personal finances

What does the future have in-store for finance? In this bite-sized lecture, Professor Carsten Murawski from the Department of Finance and co-director of the Brain, Mind & Markets Laboratory explains why managing your personal finances can be so tricky and how technology is set to help.

What music theatre can teach you about life

Music theatre is a genre with a rich and diverse history which continues to develop and evolve. Tyran Parke, Head of VCA Music Theatre, talks about its wide reach, and the physical and emotional journey of being a performer.

Agriculture can be climate neutral by 2030

Climate neutral agriculture is becoming achievable. Find out more about what can be done with Professor Richard Eckard, who teaches in the Bachelor of Agriculture and Master of Agricultural Sciences.

The link between transport and infectious diseases

What does economics have to do with healthcare? Dr John Tang, Senior Lecturer in Economics, explains how the study of economic history can help us understand the problems of today, including the spread of infectious diseases like COVID-19.

The value of board games

Did you know that board games are a form of technology? Engineering lecturer Dr Melissa Rogerson examines our love of all things board games and their fascinating 5,000-year history.

How to look after yourself

How can we flourish in life, even when things aren’t going well? Associate Professor Peggy Kern from the Centre for Wellbeing Science (CWS) at the Melbourne Graduate School of Education takes us through the ways we can not only look after ourselves but thrive.

Human rights law and practice

How can we use human rights to solve some of the world’s most wicked problems? In this bite-size lecture, Professor John Tobin, lecturer in The Melbourne Juris Doctor (JD) discusses the processes needed for change.

How diet can improve teen health

Good nutrition and a 'healthy food environment' are vital for development and the creation of healthy habits to set young people up for a healthy life, explains Senior Lecturer (Human Nutrition), Dr Anita Lawrence in this bite-sized lecture.

We can prevent pandemics with wildlife disease surveillance

Our health is intrinsically connected with animal health. COVID-19 is the latest in a long list of diseases, known as zoonoses or zoonotic diseases, that are carried and spread to us from animals. In fact, 60 per cent of emerging human infectious diseases originate in animal populations.

10 reasons to doubt the United States of America is in political decline

Amid a global pandemic, economic struggle and election chaos, can the United States of America maintain its status as a political superpower on the world stage? Associate Dean (International) for the Faculty of Arts and Associate Professor in American Politics Tim Lynch gives us 10 reasons why this isn’t the end for the star-spangled banner.