Master of Teaching (Secondary) alum, Hayley Strickland

Hayley combines a passion for teaching with a sense of ambition and adventure – in a journey that has taken her from the University of Melbourne campus to regional Victoria and overseas.

After completing a Bachelor of Arts at the University of Melbourne, Hayley moved to London for two years to live with friends and explore Europe. While in Europe, she worked as a teaching assistant at a primary school.

Hayley returned to Australia intending to become a secondary school teacher and began a Master of Teaching (Secondary) at the Melbourne Graduate School of Education (MGSE).

“I returned to Australia in 2016 to gain the units I needed to be able to teach English and maths at a secondary level. In 2018, I enrolled in the Master of Teaching (Secondary) program, specialising in English and maths, and graduated in mid-2019,” says Hayley.

Hayley enjoyed the social elements of studying at MGSE.

“I really liked the learning environment – lots of places to study, eat and meet up with friends. It was nice being surrounded by like-minded people who were all experiencing the same things as you,” she says.

She also credits the MGSE teaching staff with thoroughly preparing her for the classroom.

“There was definitely a difference between my undergraduate and my graduate degrees – I felt a greater sense of belonging at MGSE. The staff were also fantastic – very knowledgeable, honest and it felt like they were actually preparing you for the real world of teaching.”

The program gave Hayley confidence in her skills when she was applying for graduate teacher roles.

“The skills and knowledge that I have been equipped with through subject content have meant that I have walked into job interviews and workplaces knowing that I have a lot to offer,” she says.

Hayley is currently teaching at a small regional school in Victoria. She believes that regional schools have their own advantages – as there is less competition for professional development opportunities.

“There are a lot more professional development opportunities at a regional school due to smaller numbers and fewer staff wanting to take on leadership roles, and I have taken every opportunity that has come my way,” explains Hayley.

Although Hayley found the Master of Teaching (Secondary) program to be rigorous, she embraced the challenge and felt well prepared to become a teacher as soon as she graduated.

“If you like kids and want to play a role in their personal growth, then go for it! The actual program is demanding but it’s fun, engaging and you’re really grateful for it when you step foot into the classroom,” says Hayley.

Hayley’s next goal is to use her teaching skills and experience to live and teach overseas again.

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