Getting started online in the Bachelor of Biomedicine

Abigail is a third-year Bachelor of Biomedicine student with a major in Human Structure and Function. Get her top tips for surviving university (that don't involve caffeine addiction) and find out more about the Biomedicine Student Society.

Abigail's tips for online study

  1. Create a to-do list

    At the start of each week, set aside some time to write a weekly to-do list. This will help you balance university with your social life and other commitments. Planning for the week ahead can add additional flexibility to your schedule for breaks and extracurriculars, rather than working with a daily to-do list and last minute deadlines.

  2. Practice active learning techniques

    Active learning techniques require you to recall information or solve problems and are particularly useful for content-heavy subjects. It's a great idea to schedule some time in your study schedule to utilise active learning and see how much information you can recall and apply.

  3. Create study groups

    Start a study group with your friends. You can even do this online via Zoom. It’s nice having them in the background when you’re studying, as it creates a library-like environment (just try not to get too distracted and spend 3-hours chatting or watching Netflix together).

  4. Become your own teacher

    Practice putting information in your own words by talking through content to yourself or hold a class for your friends. Explaining concepts in your own words can help to cement your understanding of tricky topics and ensure you have it all memorised.

  5. Get involved in clubs and societies

    Schedule times to join different student clubs and societies. Many of the University's clubs and societies hold online events too. They are a great opportunity to meet new people. Don't hesitate to get involved and join a committee, you'll meet lots of new people from different backgrounds. The Biomedicine Student Society is a great place to get started.

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