Meet Chau Le: Bachelor of Arts student

Chau Le is a Bachelor of Arts student currently living in Melbourne. She shares with us her day in a life as a Unimelb student. Discover how she is making the most of the facilitates available at UniMelb during the COVID-19 panademic.

A day in the life of Chau Le

8am Monday morning

As my alarm rings marking another typical day in a life of a student (the getting out-of-lockdown edition) I welcome my morning’s questions. First - what classes do I have today day? Second - will I be late if I accommodate my unusually long morning shower?

For context, if you are not a University of Melbourne student or do not reside in Victoria, the University is taking health and safety measures under the Victorian Government's guidelines with regard to COVID-19.

As much as I want to visit campus, I unfortunately have only one class on campus on Mondays at 1pm. So, I don't take it for granted. I usually leave 20 minutes for my commute to campus. Luckily, I have the convenience of easy access to public transport from where I live.

What I notice as we move out of lockdown and back to campus and I cast my eyes on the influx of people that are going in and out of our campus - is I have to adjust. Having done remote studying for a year it is probably not a surprise. As an arts student, I normally have my classes in either the Arts West building or Old Arts building – these two buildings alongside the Melbourne Design Building and the Old Quad are the University’s architectural prides, in my opinion.

Study nooks, Baillieu library

Off to Parkville campus

My class for this semester lasts for 2 hours and is full of lively discussion and meaningful intellectual takeaways. As a Bachelor of Arts student with a major in Political Sciences, my study area requires discussion and personal articulation of ideas in order for classes to go smoothly. Therefore, our classroom design may differ from those such as science or fine arts.

The University always makes sure they are implementing the latest technological advancements and design-smart infrastructure, and most importantly offer a huge teaching team dedicated to being at the top of the industry to ensure everyone’s best teaching and learning experience.

When my class finishes, or even when I’m early for classes, I am am often found at the Bailieu library – the most well-known among numerous libraries at the University – revising class content, reading or catching up with lecture recordings. The moments when I am not in Bailieu are when I go for a caffeine pump at Castro’s Kiosk. These two places together hold an enormous place in my heart.

I hope my ‘A day in my life’ brief serves as a little motivational note for any students that are still completing university remotely and yearning for an organic and lively revitalisation of students’ campus life.

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