Getting started online in the Bachelor of Design

The design journey is full of important learning experiences, the opportunity to make lifelong friendships and enjoy university life. Bachelor of Design (Urban Planning) student, Joyce, shares her top tips to embrace all that university lifestyle has to offer.

Joyce's tips for online study

  1. Be sure to maintain a work/life balance

    Yes, it is good to do well in your assignments, but don’t forget to take a break from study and enjoy being social. Your years at university are prime time to attend events, meet new people and discover your interests. The University's clubs and societies welcome all students with a range of on-campus and online activities. So, go have a laugh and meet some awesome people.

  2. Organise your weekly timetable

    Know what time your classes are scheduled - especially if you currently live in a different time zone. Set time aside to complete homework, pre-class activities and any upcoming assignments. A checklist will help you stay on top of your work, falling behind only makes it harder for you to catch up during SWOT VAC (study without teaching vacation).

  3. Put yourself out there

    Although it may be daunting to take the first step when meeting people, it has the potential to start a new friendship. Even in an online setting, turning your camera on so your classmates can associate a face to your name and a simple “Hi!” will help not only yourself but make others feel more comfortable in introducing themselves and having group discussions.

  4. Join clubs, especially Design Student Society (DES)

    Meet people studying the same course as you and who knows, they might even be in the same classes as you. Design Student Society (DES) gives you access to academic support through software workshops and other socialising opportunities. The DES runs an Industry Night where they invite companies and working professionals relevant to the Bachelor of Design. This event is a great way to gain deeper insight into your study area and network with potential employers.

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