Doctor of Philosophy (Music Psychology and Performance Science)

    • CRICOS Code: 056960M

    The experience


    Student Experience

    I’m currently researching the effects of synaesthesia and absolute pitch on musical abilities. Synaesthesia is a neurological condition where two or more senses are joined in an automatic and involuntary way, while absolute pitch (often called perfect pitch) is the ability to name any given note without the need to refer to another note. I’m particularly interested in comparing the effects of these two conditions, as well as understanding how they interact in people who experience both. By investigating these conditions we will have a greater understanding of how we all not just perceive, but also generate, the world around us.

    I have been incredibly fortunate to have found a supervisor that continually makes me strive to reach further than I thought possible. Initially I was anxious that my supervisor, as an expert in his field, would have only limited time for me. What I found instead was a level of dedication and encouragement that has become the foundation on which my career is now being built.

    The opportunities I have been given here are unparalleled, and I can confidently say that I do not believe I would have blossomed to the same extent in any other institution. Words like ‘world-class’ are meaningless; what the Conservatorium offers is an environment in which you are allowed to imagine yourself as a world leader and changer.

    Solange Glasser, PhD (Music PSychology and Performance Science)