Doctor of Philosophy - Science

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Where will this take me?


Career outcomes

A PhD is an essential qualification for a research career in many areas of science. A PhD is also a ticket to international research opportunities.

Many of our graduates go on to work as postdoctoral research scientists and then to careers in research and teaching in academia. Alternatively, they move into industry, where the technical and professional skills that come with completing a PhD are highly valued.

Employers of PhD graduates include:

  • Universities
  • International research institutions such as CSIRO, the Defence Science and Technology Group, the Max Planck Institutes, the Chinese Academy of Sciences and NASA
  • Government departments like the Bureau of Meteorology, the Bureau of Statistics and Melbourne Water
  • Consulting firms such as Deloitte and KPMG
  • Software and computing companies such as IBM, IRESS and Quantium
  • Large financial services companies including ANZ and NAB.

Technical and professional skills

On completion of your PhD, you’ll have high-level knowledge and research skills in your chosen area of science.

Additionally, you’ll have strong professional skills in:

  • Critical thinking and problem-solving
  • Research planning, literature reviews and reporting on research
  • Scientific communication, both written and oral
  • Project management.