Doctor of Veterinary Medicine

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    Where will this take me?


    Whether you are advancing your current qualification or already working in the field, graduate study can improve your career progression and earning potential.

    Become a vet

    Graduate with Australia’s first graduate-entry, professional veterinary science qualification in your area of specialisation.

    Four career tracks

    Production Animal Track

    This track will provide enhanced opportunities for you to gain hands-on experience and exposure to production animal medicine including working with cattle, sheep, pigs and poultry.

    Upon graduation, you may enter mixed veterinary practice, pursue further study such as a residency, work for the government or quarantine inspection services, work as a production animal health management consultant, or work for private production animal industries such as pigs and poultry producers.

    Small Animal track

    If you're interested in pursuing a career path working with cats, dogs and small pets, you can elect to join the small animal track.

    Upon graduation, students who chose this track may choose to enter private small animal practice, pursue further study such as an internship or residency, or work for government or private companies supporting the small animal industries.

    Government, Industry and Conservation Health Track

    If you're interested in pursuing a career path outside of traditional veterinary clinical practice can elect to join the Government, Industry and Conservation Health track.

    Upon graduation, you can pursue careers as veterinarians employed in government, policy development, one health, epidemiology, welfare, research, and business.

    Equine Track

    Gain the the practical skills and experience working with horses before graduation.

    Upon graduation, you can enter private companion equine practices, racehorse practice, pursue an equine internship or residency, or work for government or private equine industries.

    Work overseas

    Graduates of the Melbourne Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) are internationally accredited to work overseas.

    Networking opportunities

    Experience strong bonds with teaching staff and fellow students. The strength of our community leads to excellent networking, placement and employment opportunities, which can really take you places. Gain employment in the rich farming lands of Tasmania, to the savannahs of South Africa.


    You may be eligible for our DVM Diploma program, which further prepares future vets for life in the workforce. This program allows you to complete one extra unit per year, in complementary areas such as agribusiness or business management.

    A number of subjects are taught by the renowned Melbourne Business School. The end result is a specialised diploma, alongside your DVM, as the ultimate preparation for your chosen career:


    As an alternative study option, you may like to consider the Master of Agricultural Sciences, Animal Science specialisation. Developed for those who wish to engage in issues surrounding animal science, the Master of Agricultural Sciences, Animal Science specialisation is a mutli-disciplinary education and research-led stream that offers career outcomes in a variety of areas including farm enterprise management, animal nutrition, animal welfare, genetics and reproduction as well as research and development.

    You may also like to consider studying an honours project - a specialised year of study for students who have achieved academic excellence in their undergraduate degree. An honours year enables you to extend your knowledge in a specialised area.