Doctoral Program in Decision, Risk and Financial Sciences

    • CRICOS Code: 056955G | 092761G

    What will I study?


    Successful candidates for the five-year doctoral program are first admitted into the coursework program Master of Commerce (Decision, Risk and Financial Sciences) (CRICOS: 092761G). The coursework component consists of 200 points over two years. Students who complete the coursework at the required level will proceed to the PhD degree where they will complete the thesis, typically in three years.

    Please note that this program is offered on a full-time basis only and only students who expect to pursue the Doctoral program will be admitted to the Master of Commerce (Decision, Risk and Financial Sciences).

    Structure GMAT or GRE# Research ProposalSupervision
    • 2 years coursework
    • 3 years research thesis
    GMAT or GRE 100-word proposal as part of CV No need to locate a supervisor prior to applying

    #Completed within last 5 years at time of application.

    The Doctor of Philosophy degree is awarded on the basis of a thesis of approximately 80,000–100,000 words, in which candidates report on an independent, sustained and academically supervised research project investigating a specialised topic.


    Our key areas of study include:

    • Individual decision-making: Experimental investigation of the neurobiology of decision-making and learning (decision neuroscience), with a focus on decisions in the presence of risk (e.g., extreme events) and complexity (e.g., combinatorial problems); human-robot interaction in financial decision-making (e.g., robo-advisors).
    • Group decision-making: Experimental investigation of decision-making and learning in small groups.
    • Financial markets: Experimental investigation of decision-making in financial markets (experimental finance), e.g.: emerging intelligence through markets; dark markets; algorithmic trading; human-robot interaction in markets; combinatorial double-sided markets.
    • Development of software: online double-sided markets platform; app development with interactive games/tools needed to overcome cognitive biases.

    Graduate Research candidates are expected to publish their research in leading peer-reviewed academic journals. Significant resources are allocated to support a wide range of research activities including conference travel, study abroad and fieldwork. Candidates have the opportunity to apply for teaching appointments as part of their research training.

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