Doctoral Program in Economics

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The experience


At MBS, we offer a comprehensive program to support your learning, develop your skills and enrich your degree. We encourage you to be involved both on and off campus, and to make the most of your time outside the classroom.

Top-Tier Research and High-Quality Teaching

Economics PhD Director

Professor Kalvinder Shields

The Department of Economics continually upholds its position as the premier economics research department in Australia. Our academics are routinely called upon to provide expert opinions to business and government in Australia and around the world. Here, under the supervision of world-class researchers, our PhD students produce the highest-calibre of research, in preparation for their placements in top institutions and organisations around the world.

Professor Kalvinder Shields

Professor Kalvinder Shields' research has focused largely on macroeconomic modelling, forecasting and economic policy. With an interest in the analysis of real-time data in macroeconomic modelling, she was responsible for coordinating the construction of Australia’s first Real-Time Macroeconomic and Fiscal Database.

Areas of expertise for supervision include:
  • Development economics
  • Econometric theory
  • Economic design
  • Experimental economics
  • Health economics
  • Macroeconomic policy research

Meet our Academics

Student experience

Boon Han Koh

PhD candidate Department of Economics

"Having thoroughly enjoyed my undergraduate years here, when it came time to make the decision to pursue a PhD, the University of Melbourne became a natural first choice. In addition, my research employs an experimental methodology, and Melbourne has a great Economics Experimental Laboratory. The coursework component in the Doctoral Program is an excellent way for students to improve their technical skills while forming bonds with each other something that would have been more difficult to do in the traditional, individualistic nature of research-only structures."

Farzana Hossain

PhD candidate Department of Economics

"As an international student, I expected it to be challenging starting a new life in a foreign country while attending such a rigorous program. Instead, I have been overwhelmed by the support from the faculty, administrative staff members, and my fellow PhD students who are from all over the world! I also started tutoring, which has further developed my learning, and helped me gain confidence in building my academic career."

Meet our Graduate Research students