Doctoral Program in Economics

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Where will this take me?


The Melbourne Business School Doctoral program prepares graduates for research and teaching careers at top-ranked educational institutions and for careers where world-class research and advanced analytical skills are necessary.

Success stories

Andrea La Nauze

Andrea La Nauze

Assistant Professor in Economics
University of Pittsburgh

"The combination of rigorous core training, practical field courses, stellar supervision and an active research culture at Melbourne not only helped me become a well-rounded researcher and get a job in academia, it has also helped me in my new role as a graduate instructor and adviser to new researchers."

Colette Marais

Colette Marais

Data Scientist, Big Data

"I am currently a Data Scientist in the Big Data team at Telstra. I am part of a team that uses advanced statistical and machine learning techniques applied to big data problems. My primary role is the analysis to drive business value, and to reveal actionable insights. It involves championing the use of advanced statistical and and machine-learning techniques, and using the resulting information across Telstra to inform decision-making and strategic actions."

Shawn Tan

Shawn Tan

The World Bank

"After completing my PhD at Melbourne Uni in July 2013, I joined the World Bank Young Professionals Program as an Economist and have worked on various projects on the topics of international trade and firm capabilities. The PhD gave me a strong foundation of economic theory and empirical techniques to tackle the development questions in these countries."