Doctoral Program in Finance

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Where will this take me?


The Melbourne Business School Doctoral program prepares graduates for research and teaching careers at top-ranked educational institutions and for careers where world-class research and advanced analytical skills are necessary.

Success stories

Emma Li

Emma Li

Lecturer in Finance
Deakin University

"My degree has opened the door to the academic world, which is both fascinating and challenging for me. I had the opportunity to take on individual research projects during my PhD with tremendous guidance and support from the department, allowing me to grow into an independent researcher. In addition, the networking opportunities presented in the PhD program are shaping my research interest and future research agenda."

Michelle Zhou

Michelle Zhou

Analyst, Debt and Alternatives
Future Fund

"My degree has equipped me with first-class, advanced quantitative skills - a prerequisite for my role, where I provide high-level quantitative analysis in order to support investments decisions. I have built a solid background in economics and finance, allowing me to develop systematic approaches to analysing complex economic themes."

Bill Zu

Bill Zhu

Economics and Portfolio Strategy, Global Investment Research
Goldman Sachs

"I work at Goldman Sachs, Global Investment Research, as a macroeconomist and portfolio strategist. The role is closely related to my PhD research area, in macro-finance. I was fortunate that the role is very suited to my research areas and the firm was very keen to hire a PhD graduate with academic exposure as well as an interest in the practicalities of financial markets."