Doctoral Program in Marketing

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Where will this take me?


The Melbourne Business School Doctoral program prepares graduates for research and teaching careers at top-ranked educational institutions and for careers where world-class research and advanced analytical skills are necessary.

Success stories

Photo of Amanda Spry

Amanda Spry

Lecturer in Marketing
RMIT University

"My PhD degree at the University of Melbourne gave me the "academic apprenticeship" I needed for the global job market. The exposure to world-class researchers, the opportunities for teaching and networking, and the facilities and funding were exceptional. I was immersed in the academic community from day one, which set me up for a successful career in Australia and overseas."

Photo of Timothy Hill

Timothy Hill

Lecturer in Marketing
University of Bath

"I couldn’t have asked for a better academic training. The gold-standard level of research and teaching that stems from the Faculty made the leap into higher education less difficult than it could have been. Through hands-on supervision, teaching opportunities, and a diverse student cohort, the PhD program provides an exceptional platform from which to launch an academic career."

Photo of Davide Orazi

Davide Orazi

Lecturer in Marketing
Monash University

"This degree has allowed me to master the quantitative and communication skills required by today's hyper-competitive academic market. A research-oriented approach, coupled with coursework and exposure to world-class academic visitors, proved invaluable to move to the next stage of my career."