Graduate Certificate in Arboriculture

      What will I study?


      Course structure

      The Graduate Certificate in Arboriculture is a 50-point program (4 core subjects), covering:

      • Tree growth and function, including the biology, structure and environmental factors affecting tree performance
      • Tree Identification and selection, including the recognition of common trees, and analysing and selecting trees for a range of applications
      • Plant health, including the identification and treatment of common tree pests and diseases
      • Urban tree management, including the methods of tree planning, assessment and evaluation.

      Technical and professional skills

      At the end of the course, you will be confidently able to:

      • Manage urban forests
      • Write management plans for urban trees
      • Conduct tree risk assessments
      • Discuss issues of sustainability in managing trees (including environmental, social, and economic factors)
      • Articulate the contribution trees can make to urban life.

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