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Intended Learning Outcomes

As a graduate of this course, you will have the business and commerce related critical thinking and problem solving skills to develop solutions to problems in organisations and society. You will be equipped with knowledge of management, business, and commerce to make effective decisions and will be able to articulate solutions and ideas in a range of business contexts.

Further study

Students who complete the Graduate Certificate in Business are eligible to apply for entry into an on-campus Master of Management program or Master of International Business. Credit may be granted for subjects completed as part of the Graduate Certificate in Business. Students should ensure they have completed the correct subjects for credit towards their preferred specialisation.


Brad Potter

Brad has held various accounting roles, including consulting, for over 20 years. His experience has stemmed from working in professional accounting, hospitality management, and large corporations. For the last decade, he has dedicated his time to academia, and is a Director of the Centre for Accounting and Industry Partnerships. Brad’s research and consulting experience encompasses financial accounting and disclosure for both private sector and public sector entities

Brad will be teaching Accounting Analysis and Decisions

What interests you about accounting?
My interest in accounting is really in where accounting information and decisions intersect. The way in which we can use accounting techniques and approaches to help decision-making is really, really interesting to me.

How can students expect to learn from you?
I am here to introduce students to accounting, to help them become more sophisticated in both preparing accounting information, and in using that information in a business decision-making context. I encourage students in the virtual space to engage with your subject coordinator and with other students. The entire team, not just me individually, will go to great lengths to ensure you will feel connected, and that the experience will be a rewarding one for you, as well as for us.