Graduate Certificate in Cancer Sciences

The experience


Online learning

As a student at a school committed to professional, continuing and executive education, you’ll have access to high-quality online education tools – all you need is a computer and an internet connection.

Your virtual classroom is academically robust and designed to prepare you for competition in your field. You will expand your skills and knowledge via innovative technologies like webinars, podcasts and moderated discussion forums.

Why study online?

The online learning environment has been carefully devised by expert academics, alongside learning designers and technology specialists, to facilitate an interactive and flexible student experience.

At the University of Melbourne, you will have access to the best minds and a dynamic peer group. Throughout the course you will be able to engage closely with fellow online students and share your knowledge with each other.

Gain access to the highest levels of support

From your initial expression of interest right through to graduation, you’ll receive all the technical support you need.

Don’t be surprised if you learn our student support team members by name – they are dedicated, personal and friendly and they understand that every student experience is unique. If a challenge arises, they’ll do everything in their power to assist you so that you can continue to have an excellent learning experience.

Our online student support consultants can assist with:

  • Enrolment and subject assistance
  • Administrative logistics and fee options
  • Technical support, regular health checks, and technical support during live webinars
  • Online learning skills and workload management
  • Special circumstances.

Who you will learn from

The Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre is an alliance of 10 leading research, clinical and academic institutions with a shared commitment to saving lives through the integration of cancer research, education and patient care. The scale and depth in expertise, knowledge, practice and patient numbers it represents, provides unprecedented access to learn from the pioneers driving the next generation of improvements in prevention, detection and cancer treatment.

Through the online learning community, you’ll become part of a global network of cancer care professionals who are passionate about providing top-quality clinical care and high impact cancer research.

  • Professor Grant McArthur, Executive Director, Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre and Medical Oncologist, Peter MacCallum Centre
  • Dr David Kok, Radiation Oncologist, Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre
  • Dr Joep Vissers – Foundations of Cancer, Curation Scientist, University of Melbourne
  • Dr Stephen Mieruszynski – Cancer Research, Drug Discovery & Development, Postdoctoral Fellow, Walter and Eliza Hall Institute
  • Heather Walker – Cancer in Society, Cancer Prevention & Control, Head of SunSmart, Cancer Council Victoria
  • Dr Julia Lai Kwon – Cancer Therapeutics, Capstone, Medical Oncologist, Research Fellow, Institute of Cancer Research
  • Dr Lucinda Morris – Cancer Therapeutics, Radiation Oncologist, Sutherland Hospital Oncology 
  • Dr Kirsten Fairfax – Drug Development & Discovery, Post-Doctoral Fellow at The Menzies Institute
  • Associate Professor Eleanor Flynn - Supportive Care & Palliative Care, Palliative care physician, Melbourne Medical School
  • Tennille Lewin - Supportive Care & Palliative Care, Nurse, PhD candidate, Monash University
  • Dr Laura Forrest – Research Thesis Capstone, Genetic Counsellor & Post-Doctoral Researcher, Familial Cancer Centre, Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre
  • Giulia McCorkell - Research Thesis Capstone, Education Project Officer, Murdoch Children’s Research Institute
  • Associate Professor Kais Kasem – Cancer Diagnostics, Specialist Surgical Pathologist
  • Dr Kate Stewart – Cancer Diagnostics, Consultant Anatomical Pathologist
  • Associate Professor Aung Ko Win – Cancer Prevention & Control, Research Fellow, Genetic Epidemiology
  • Dr Kanika Bhatia – Cancer Across the Lifespan (Paediatrics), Consultant Oncologist, Royal Children’s Hospital
  • Dr Stacie Wang - Cancer Across the Lifespan (Paediatrics), Consultant Oncologist, Royal Children’s Hospital
  • Kate Thompson - Cancer Across the Lifespan (AYA), program Manager, ONTrac, Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre
  • Sam Van Staalduinen - Cancer Across the Lifespan (AYA), Statewide Education & training Coordinator, ONTrac, Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre
  • Dr Iniyaval Thevathasan - Cancer Across the Lifespan (MFM), Obstetrician, Maternal Fetal Medicine Subspecialist, St Vincent’s Private Hospital

  • Dr Holly Barker, Research Fellow, ACRF Cancer Biology and Stem Cells division, Walter and Eliza Hall Institute
  • Ann Byrne, PhD candidate, Cancer Therapeutics Program, Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre
  • Shannon Jones, Program Manager - Health Professionals, SunSmart
  • Dr Richard To, Medical Oncologist, Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre
  • Dr Bhaumik Shah, Medical Oncologist, Private
  • Theresa Connor, Researcher, Cancer Therapeutics CRC
Supervisors (Research Capstone)

  • Dr Jason Wasiak, Clinical Researcher, Evidence synthesis
  • Dr Nigel Anderson, Principal Research Radiation Therapist
  • Daniel Hamilton. PhD candidate, Research Assistant, University of Melbourne
  • Dr Chris Swain, Post-Doctoral Researcher, Cancer Epidemiology Division at Cancer Council VictoriaDr Karen Doggett, Post-Doctoral Scientist, Walter Eliza Hall Institute
Cancer Sciences Academic Unit – Department of Clinical Pathology
  • Professor Frederic Hollande, Deputy Head of the Department of Clinical Pathology, Head of Board of Examiners, University of Melbourne
  • Michelle Barrett, Head of Education & Training, Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre
  • Dr Sathana Dushyanthen, Graduate Programs Lead, Online Teaching & Education Specialist, Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre, University of Melbourne
  • Angela McKellar, Business Manager, University of Melbourne
  • Kerry Tate, Administrative Officer, University of Melbourne