Graduate Certificate in Clinical Research

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Expand your career prospects by developing specialist knowledge within clinical research. Our nested award course will place you at the heart of opportunities within the healthcare research interface.

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Take part in smaller classes and intense, focused study that is informed by industry and highly regarded by employers. You will be studying alongside a diverse group of students and learning from the best research minds.


Ronan Burder

I am currently a clinical trial coordinator. I work as the central coordinator for a phase 4 RCT, being run from 17 hospitals nationally. I got this job mid way through the course. At the time I commenced studying I was a retail assistant working part time in menswear!

The course directly impacted my work in that it created a pathway for me to get a job.  Half way through the course, I began to look for volunteer and paid clinical trials positions to get some real experience. Previously when I was looking for work I didn't really have any experience, but more than that, I just didn't know what I didn't know.  I became more confident of my understanding of the industry, and while I didn't learn everything, I was able to develop the language to talk about it, realising the gaps in my knowledge.

I discovered that the only thing holding me back was that I didn't have the language or know-how regarding what roles existed, and how I would fit into the industry. From here I was able to successfully interview for, and get a full time job.

The undertaking of this course also set me above many applicants I believe (even trial nurses with experience), as it proved I had, or was striving to have, a more advanced understanding of clinical research. As such, the role I was able to get is as the project coordinator for the whole trial, and not a more entry level associate/assistant.

Since successfully getting my job, the post graduate qualification also meant that I was eligible for a slightly higher award as it is relevant to my work. I believe that moving forward, the qualification will enable me to acquire more senior roles without as many years of experience.