Graduate Certificate in Critical Care Nursing (Intensive Care)

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    What you will learn

    The Graduate Certificate in Critical Care Nursing (Intensive Care) draws on scientific knowledge and evidence-based research to develop nursing skills critical for the Intensive Care setting. The course focuses on learning to identify and understand complex physiological problems and develop and implement appropriate, safe and timely solutions.

    You will learn how to:

    • Review, analyse, consolidate and synthesize knowledge and identify and provide solutions to complex patient-related problems
    • Make high level, independent judgements in a range of clinical technical or care management functions
    • Initiate, plan, implement and evaluate nursing interventions within their scope of practice in the context of critical care nursing.

    Upon completion of the Graduate Certificate in Critical Care Nursing (Intensive Care) you will be able to:

    • Apply specialist knowledge and clinical competence in the critical care setting to facilitate patient centred care and ensure optimal clinical outcomes
    • Draw on a sound theoretical base to inform your nursing practice in dynamic, complex and demanding critical care environments
    • Comprehensively assess and care for patients with life-threatening health problems using informed and advanced clinical judgement and skills
    • Utilise and evaluate qualitative and quantitative health research to determine best evidence for critical care nursing practice
    • Justify and prioritise clinical decisions using evidence-based data to ensure professional integrity and ethical nursing practice.

    By specialising in Intensive Care Nursing, you will:

    • Participate in continuous learning to practice safe and effective critical care nursing thorough enhancing critical thinking, clinical skills and knowledge
    • Develop leadership, mentoring and educational skills to contribute to high standard critical care practice and facilitate quality improvement in the healthcare setting.

    Course structure

    To gain the Graduate Certificate in Critical Care Nursing (Intensive Care), you must complete 50 points comprised of:

    • One core pre-requisite subject
    • Two core subjects; and
    • Three specialisation subjects.

    Please note: This course is designed to be undertaken part-time over twelve months but  if you commence study in the winter intake, you may have a six month break after completing the first pre-requisite subject Applied Pathophysiology and recommence study in March the year after. Consequently, starting this course in the winter intake may take one and a half years to complete.


    The estimated hours required for each subject is between 15-19 hours per week. This varies for each student, depending on your task management and planning, familiarity with the material, reading style and speed.

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