Graduate Certificate in Critical Care Nursing

The experience


As a student in this blended learning course, you’ll enjoy the flexibility of online study as well as the rich benefits of face-to-face in-situ learning in your clinical setting.

This model allows for deep learning and enables you to put acquired knowledge into practice under the guidance of your nursing educator.

At the University of Melbourne, you will have access to the best minds and a vast professional network. The course facilitates close engagement with academics and experts, and you will develop and share knowledge among a dynamic group of peers – both in person and online.

We ensure your learning experience is high-quality and accessible, with support available at every step of the way. Throughout the online component of this course you will utilise a range of innovative technologies, such as:

  • Webinars
  • Videos
  • Audio recordings
  • Podcasts
  • Activities
  • Journal and textbooks, and
  • Discussion forums.

High-level student support

You will receive a high level of academic, technical and administrative support from your initial expression of interest in the course, through to your graduation. Don’t be surprised if you learn our student support team members by name – they are dedicated, professional and friendly and they understand that every student experience is unique. If a challenge arises, they’ll do everything in their power to assist you so that you can continue to have an excellent learning experience.

Student support consultants can assist with:

  • Enrolment and subject assistance
  • Administrative logistics and fee options
  • Technical support, regular health checks, and technical support during live webinars
  • Online learning skills and workload management, and
  • Special circumstances.

Who you will learn from

Throughout your studies, you will be guided by subject experts drawn from the University of Melbourne and its partner health services, including both rural and significant metropolitan tertiary hospitals.

Mr Nick Bridge, Lecturer in Nursing Science

Mr Nick Bridge is an experienced nurse with extensive knowledge of critical care nursing, intensive care paramedicine, pre-hospital fixed and rotary wing aeromedical practice, and postgraduate nursing and paramedicine education. Nick leads a major program of work focused on the re-development of specialty nursing practice courses at University of Melbourne.

Mrs Rosemary Turner, Lecturer in Critical Care Nursing

Mrs Rosemary Turner is a critical care nurse with more than 25 years of experience in the field. Her interests include nursing education, intensive care, nurse motivation and experiences, and pedagogically rich activities enhancing the transition from theory to practice in critical care. Rosemary has transitioned over to academia and education in the tertiary sector and is passionate about teaching future critical care nurses.