Graduate Certificate in Dental Therapy (Advanced Clinical Practice)

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      Course structure

      All subjects are required to be attempted in the same semester as the course is only offered full-time.

      The structure of the program is in blocks and concentrated weekly commitments on site to make it attractive and enable participation for people who wish to maintain existing employment. We feel the integration of clinical and didactic elements are important to skill development for the participants which can be evaluated over subsequent deliveries. There are also practical issues about clinical chair capacity at present which have been considered in the structural aspects of delivery mode and which may be resolved over time.

      Completion of this course will qualify practising dental therapists and oral health therapists to expand service provision to patients of all ages within the scope of dental therapy practice.

      The course comprises three subjects: 2 x 12.5 points and 1 x 25 points, totalling 50 points of study.

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