Graduate Certificate in Domestic & Gender-Based Violence Research and Practice

Where will this take me?


Intended learning outcomes

On completion of this course, graduates will be able to:

  • Demonstrate a specialised theoretical understanding and applied knowledge of the current research, debates, policies and practices informing national and global responses to domestic and gender-based violence.
  • Critically review, analyse, consolidate and synthesise the evidence base related to domestic and gender-based violence prevention and intervention;
  • Evaluate the social, cultural, political and historical contexts informing national and global policies and practices related to domestic and gender-based violence prevention, intervention, research and evaluation;
  • Communicate theoretical concepts and research findings to the wider community, including other professionals working within the domestic and gender-based violence space;
  • Demonstrate specialised practice skills related to risk assessment, perpetrator intervention and working with victim/survivors (including children and young people).
  • Demonstrate specialised ethical research skills in designing and conducting research and evaluation with women who have experienced violence, including measuring the prevalence, nature and extent of women's experiences of violence.
  • Apply the principles of domestic and gender-based violence research for program evaluation purposes.

Generic skills

Graduates of the Graduate Certificate in Domestic and Gender-Based Violence Research and Practice should be able to:

  • Link theory to practice;
  • Critically analyse texts, thinking and practices;
  • Demonstrate development of problem-solving skills;
  • Design and undertake independent research projects; and
  • Communicate effectively in written and oral forms relevant to both academic and practice contexts.


The University of Melbourne is committed to developing the next generation of policy, practice and research leaders. The domestic and family violence reform agenda has recognised that up-skilling the workforce is a central aspect of preventing current and future violence, reflected in the introduction to mandatory minimum qualifications for specialist family violence practitioners in Victoria. The University of Melbourne’s Graduate Certificate in Domestic and Gender-based Violence Research and Practice offers a clear path to a fulfilling career in the sector, for those interested in specialist practitioner roles through to service design and evaluation, research, policy and advocacy roles.

The course compliments a number of other University of Melbourne post graduate coursework degrees including the Master of Social Work and the Master of Public Health. Graduates of this program may also progress to higher research degrees including the Master of Philosophy or the Doctor of Philosophy.