Graduate Certificate in Enterprise Skills

      Course overview

      • Full time not offered
      • On Campus (Parkville)
      • Available to domestic and international students.
      • Summer intake - February


      The Graduate Certificate in Enterprise Skills enables University of Melbourne students to complement academic studies with the professional skills needed to energise their careers.

      After completing two online series in Employment Fundamentals and associated exams, covering fundamental topics like financial management 101, data literacy and legal issues, you will be eligible for an intensive two-week program held on campus. Under the guidance of a professional facilitator, you will collaborate with a team in a simulated workplace to create a time-sensitive project, putting into practice your problem-solving skills and tackling unexpected challenges.

      With the option to undertake the online series alongside your existing studies and the intensive course shortly after completing your University of Melbourne degree, you can gain an additional qualification and the confidence needed to succeed in your future job.

      Who is this course for?

      This program is available to University of Melbourne students looking to enhance their employability skills and complement their core learning. Through a balance of flexible online study and practical application, this course develops and extends the knowledge and skills needed to succeed in a complex work environment. Graduates will gain the confidence and adaptability necessary for a career in today’s workforce.

      Course aims

      When applying for work, it can be hard for new graduates to stand out in the crowd. Increasingly, employers require new employees to be both knowledgeable in their field and possess the professional skills necessary to effectively transition into the workforce. By completing the Graduate Certificate in Enterprise Skills, you will ensure you understand what employers are looking for and have the attributes and competencies to set you apart from other graduates.

      Pre-requisite pathway