Graduate Certificate in Enterprise Skills

The experience


This course is delivered partially online and partially on campus. As a student in a blended learning course, you’ll enjoy the flexibility of online study as well as the benefits of face-to-face teaching.

As a student at the University of Melbourne, you will have access to the best minds and a vast professional network. The course facilitates close engagement with academics and experts and you will learn alongside a diverse group of like-minded peers.

Who you will learn from

In the Employment Fundamentals series, you will be taught by a range of instructors from the Faculty of Business and Economics, Melbourne Law School, Department of Mathematics and Statistics, and Faculty of Arts.

Business Fundamentals
  • Mr Noel Boys (Department of Accounting, Faculty of Business and Economics)
  • Professor Paul Kofman (Dean, Faculty of Business and Economics)
  • Associate Professor Sean Pinder (Department of Finance, Faculty of Business and Economics)
  • Professor Susan Ainsworth (Department of Marketing and Management, Faculty of Business and Economics)
  • Dr Michal Carrington (Department of Marketing and Management, Faculty of Business and Economics)
Data Fundamentals
  • Dr Kim-Anh Le Cao (Melbourne Integrative Genomics and School of Mathematics and Statistics)
  • Dr Sue Finch (Statistical Consulting Centre, University of Melbourne)
Legal Fundamentals
  • Associate Professor Julie Clarke and colleagues from Melbourne Law School
Professional Communication Fundamentals
  • Associate Professor Parshia Lee Stecum (Associate Dean, Teaching and Learning) and colleagues from the Faculty of Arts
Innovation and Entrepreneurship Fundamentals
  • Mr Tom Whitford, Professor Colin McLeod and colleagues from the Department of Marketing and Management, Faculty of Business and Economics

The two-week intensive is led by Dr Rowan Brookes (Course Coordinator) and the course has been co-designed with industry.


Rowan Brookes

Rowan is the Academic Program Director (STEM) in the Melbourne School for Professional and Continuing Education. She has over a decade of experience leading innovative education projects in the not-for-profit and higher education sector. She has previously taught at Monash University where she developed an award-winning course in leadership and entrepreneurship for science students. Rowan has significant experience developing relationships between universities, government and industry to support future-focused education programs.

Her research interests centre on curriculum development, employability, educational technology and gender in science. She supports the career advancement of women in STEM through a range of initiatives including as a co-founder of the STEM sidebyside program, a member of the Minister for Science and Innovation's gender advisory roundtable, as an advisory board member of BrainSTEM and as a mentor and speaker.