Graduate Certificate in Enterprise Skills

What will I study?


Course structure

To achieve the Graduate Certificate in Enterprise Skills you must complete:

  • Two online Employment Fundamentals series, including associated exams; and
  • The intensive two-week Enterprise Skills subject held on campus.

flow chart of student journey from employment fundamentals to graduate certificate in enterprise skills

Online series

The online Employment Fundamentals series allows you to broaden your knowledge of topics including financial management and accounting, how to read and manage data, legal issues relating to business, professional communication, and innovation and entrepreneurship. Material is presented in an accessible way for students of all disciplines. You will choose to complete a minimum of two online series.

Each Employment Fundamentals series will run for an estimated four weeks at multiple times throughout the year. You may complete these at your own pace.

There are five series available:

  • Business Fundamentals
  • Data Fundamentals
  • Legal Fundamentals
  • Professional Communication Fundamentals
  • Innovation and Entrepreneurship Fundamentals.


Throughout the intensive two-week Enterprise Skills subject you will work within a simulated workplace to develop your ability to communicate ideas within collaborative and independent tasks, learn how to adapt to unforeseen challenges and create innovative solutions to complex problems.

You will have an opportunity to make an impact through the completion of a ‘real’ social impact innovation team project that focuses on active citizenship or social enterprise. This project will form the central axis of the two-week program, supported by reflections and feedback loops, experiential case studies and team deliverables.


The workload to complete two online series and associated exams is equivalent to two 12.5-credit point subjects. Each online series includes four modules of between 12 and 20 hours of study plus additional time for assessment.

The workload to complete the Enterprise Skills intensive is equivalent to a 25-credit point subject. This comprises 80 hours of face-to-face supported by online participation undertaken before and after the course. The remaining time is spent preparing for assessment. During the face-to-face component of the intensive, attendance is mandatory and students will be required to complete assessments outside of designated face-to-face hours. In order to fully utilise this opportunity, it  is recommended students limit their other commitments during this time.

Hear from our teaching staff on each of Employment Fundamentals Series and watch our video playlist.

Watch all five parts of the Employment Fundamentals Series here or view it below.