Graduate Certificate in Eye Banking

      Where will this take me?


      Please note this course has been discontinued and is no longer running.

      Who this course is for

      The course will equip graduates to work within the specialist field of eye banking. The course has been designed to support existing eye bankers, those new to the sector and those working in peer and relevant sectors who wish to gain additional knowledge about eye banking in order to support their own area of specialisation. Professionals involved in other transplant sectors, ophthalmology and global eye care development fields are also welcome to enrol in this course in order to gain a wider understanding of eye banking.

      Intended learning outcomes

      At the completion of the course, students should be able to;

      • Identify key factors in the history of corneal transplantation and eye banking that influence contemporary practice
      • Demonstrate a sound understanding of the pathophysiology of corneal and other ocular tissue and how it relates to the treatment of corneal and other ocular disease through transplantation
      • Describe in detail the professional practice of eye donation and eye banking in its continuity from donor identification and consent through to transplantation
      • Appraise the ethical, legal and governance frameworks relating to eye donation and eye banking
      • Demonstrate a sound understanding of the role of quality systems and principles in eye banking
      • Critically appraise and apply knowledge of risk, disease transmission, and corneal pathology in the selection of eye donors
      • Compare and contrast eye donation programs within different health systems
      • Comprehend, at an advanced level, the surgical and scientific principles of eye banking
      • Demonstrate a good awareness of issues surrounding death, bereavement, and apply this understanding to donor family discussions and interactions with clinical staff
      • Apply skills in problem solving, critical thinking, collaborative, reflective practice to self-evaluate professional skills and knowledge in eye donation and eye banking.

      Further study options

      Participants are encouraged to complete the Graduate Certificate, however there is a nested exit point after the completion of the first core subject when participants can be awarded a Specialist Certificate in Eye Banking.