Graduate Certificate in Garden Design

The experience


The Burnley experience

The Burnley campus isn’t just where you’ll study, it’s also a showcase of urban horticulture, with green spaces incorporated into our buildings and teaching areas.

The green roofs are hubs for our students and researchers, and you'll find yourself gardening, harvesting or just hanging out in these stunning learning spaces throughout your course.

Outside the buildings, there are plenty of horticultural learning experiences to be had among Burnley’s 9 hectares of heritage-listed gardens.

Burnley has a long history of horticultural and garden design education, producing some of the best-known landscape designers in the country. This heritage provides an excellent opportunity to build career connections for graduating students.

Career connections

There are many events that will connect you with industry and employers throughout the year. You’ll also have the opportunity to network with and learn from professionals in your field and to join the STEM Industry Mentoring Program to develop your communication skills and employability.


While you’re studying with us, why not get involved with volunteering to extend your learning opportunities, connect with communities, and enhance your employability. One opportunity for volunteering is through the Science Student Ambassadors program.