Graduate Certificate in Health Informatics and Digital Health

Where will this take me?


Gain the skills to understand and communicate complex digital health issues and assess diverse approaches to managing health data and information with a Graduate Certificate in Health Informatics and Digital Health. Through this course, you will develop interdisciplinary, socio-technical knowledge that will allow you to analyse contemporary applications of information and communication technologies in the health sector.

This course will also enable you to upskill your critical capabilities to engage in settings where information technology is influencing real-world healthcare contexts. You will be equipped to move into decision-making roles and contribute to planning, implementation and evaluation of digital health interventions and infrastructure.


Graduates from this course are esteemed for their ability to take effective roles in technological changes in healthcare.

Graduates from this course have the opportunity to take advantage of growing employment opportunities in the digital health workforce, including roles linked to State and Commonwealth digital health strategies. The program is well suited to current health professionals who wish to remain a vital part of the sector, while acquiring new skills to move into digitally driven clinical care and service design.

Would you like to build a digital dimension into your recent health qualification and open up opportunities to work in innovative ways that health IT is making possible? This program will allow you to connect meaningfully with practitioners from IT, engineering, public health, and clinical care. This program will provide you with the foundations you need to move into a wide variety of digital health focused careers.

International students

International health practitioners wanting to join Australia’s healthcare workforce may find benefit in completing this program. Clinicians who do not yet have Australian accreditation of their qualifications may wish to use this as an opportunity to start a digital health career in Australia.