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The Graduate Certificate in Indigenous Business Leadership has three core subjects.

These three core subjects will be taught online by international faculty who bring a global perspective to the issue of Indigenous business and economic participation.

International Business Ecosystems are a complex set of interconnected elements: traditional territory, leadership, culture, capital markets, and Indigenous and non-Indigenous community members who continuously interact, collaborate, and compete in response to the specific dynamics of a particular region. This subject aims to support students to build a framework for the practice of Indigenous entrepreneurship through generating insights into the creation, management, and development of new ventures by and for Indigenous peoples that are responsive to the community, its values, traditions, culture and socioeconomic needs.  It is taught by Dr Rick Colbourne, Anishinaabe Tribe, Assistant Dean, Equity and Inclusive Communities at the Sprott School of Business.

Indigenous Philosophy of Business covers the philosophical foundations of contemporary business practice performed by Indigenous people. An understanding of the links between Indigenous worldviews and modern-day business practices performed by Indigenous people is critical to understanding the barriers faced by First Nations people in the practice of entrepreneurship but also relevant to examining the opportunities afforded by Indigenous knowledges and beliefs such as sustainability.  This subject is taught by Dr Joseph Scott Gladstone, Blackfeet/Nez Perce Tribes, Assistant Professor at Washington State University.

The third core subject, Indigenous Business Leadership, will explore a range of leadership theories and apply them to your own practice of leadership.

The aim of the subject is to upskill and empower you to take advantage of the current and near-term opportunities in your own business or career and have an impact.

You’ll learn through a series of individual and group assignments and presentations, enabling you to gain confidence and strengthen the ties within your peer network.

For this core subject, you’ll be taught by Associate Professor Michelle Evans. Michelle, a Koori woman and Fulbright scholar, has a unique combination of professional experience in management, community engagement and facilitation coupled with her excellent track record in research. Michelle has personally taught and mentored one hundred and eighty Australian Indigenous business people through Australia’s Indigenous Business Master Class program, MURRA, for which she is also the co-Founder/Program Director. Michelle has strong relationships across the Australian Indigenous business and cultural sectors and is well known for her expertise in Australian Indigenous entrepreneurial leadership.

Watch Associate Professor Michelle Evans talk about her hopes for Indigenous Business’ owners leading up to the 2019 Federal Budget.

Why study online?

The online learning environment has been carefully devised by expert academics, alongside learning designers and technology specialists, to facilitate an interactive, enjoyable and flexible student experience.

At the University of Melbourne, you will have access to the best minds and a dynamic peer group. Throughout the course you will be able to engage closely with fellow online students and share your knowledge with each other.

At the beginning of the course, you’ll receive all the technical support you need to get set up and participate in an initial welcome webinar where you’ll be guided through the University’s systems

Gain access to the highest levels of support

As an online student you’ll receive a high level of administrative, technical and academic support from your initial expression of interest in the course, through to your graduation. Our student support team members are dedicated, personal and friendly and they understand that every student experience is unique. If a challenge arises, they’ll do everything in their power to assist you so that you can continue to have an excellent learning experience.

Dedicated online student support consultants can assist with:

  • Enrolment and subject assistance
  • Administrative logistics and fee options
  • Technical support, regular health checks, and technical support during live webinars
  • Online learning skills and workload management, and
  • Special circumstances.

Kate Kelleher

After having some initial doubts about the return on investment at the age of 63, I pressed on after receiving a scholarship. I’ve always had the outlook that as long as I (we) breathe we are all lifelong learners, however, what I’ve re-discovered in a different way is my love of learning. I loved our first subject Indigenous Business Leadership.  I was so inspired, and challenged.  Reading about leadership from a First Nations worldview really put some ‘fire in the belly’ again [after] the challenges of 2020.  

If you can make a way, do. You won’t regret it.  Be prepared – it’s not an easy gig juggling work, study and family, but we support each other, tutoring is available and as always our University ‘mum’ is always there for us. Kate Kelleher