Graduate Certificate in Infectious Disease Epidemiology

What will I study?


On completion of the Graduate Certificate in Infectious Disease Epidemiology, students will be able to:


1. Explain the fundamental concepts and current practices in the discipline of Epidemiology
2. Identify epidemiologic methods commonly used to study infectious diseases


3. Demonstrate critical and analytical skills to investigate, analyse and synthesise information, problems, concepts and theories.
4. Evaluate the suitability of epidemiologic studies of infectious diseases to be utilised in formulating a response to a public health problem
5. Communicate a scientific argument to a range of specialist and non-specialist audiences in written and oral form

Application of knowledge and skills

6. Demonstrate the application of epidemiologic knowledge and skills to new situations
7. Apply appropriate epidemiologic research principles and methods to infectious disease related problems

For the award of Graduate Certificate in Infectious Disease Epidemiology you must complete the following FOUR subjects:

POPH90013 Biostatistics
POPH90014 Epidemiology 
POPH90112 Infectious Disease Epidemiology
POPH90271 Infections Diseases Modelling

Sample course plan

View some sample course plans to help you select subjects that will meet the requirements for this certificate.

50 point program