Graduate Certificate in Managing Youth Self-Harm and Suicide

      The experience


      The Graduate Certificate in Managing Youth Self-Harm and Suicide is delivered entirely online.

      Text based Distance Learning Packages and weekly audiovisual lectures delivered by leading experts in the field, both  via a web-enabled learning platform called LMS.

      The online facilitator is available online and responds to emails, checks discussion postings and monitors progress on discussion threads. Appointments can be made for telephone discussions via email.

      Additional Information

      This is a distance education course taught entirely online. Students must have access to computer facilities and the internet. Students are required to be familiar with the internet and will need to have basic computer and word processing skills. Specifically, students need to be able to write, edit and save an essay on the computer.

      Login details are provided once you are enrolled into the course.

      Prospective students should note that they may not be able to undertake this online course from their place of employment due to network configurations at many workplaces (e.g. firewall / proxy server configurations to control internet traffic).