Graduate Certificate in Nursing Practice (Acute and Complex Care)

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    Career outcomes

    The Graduate Certificate in Nursing Practice (Acute and Complex Care) is designed to prepare Registered Nurses (RNs) for advanced specialty practice, increasing your capability to deliver the highest possible quality of care, as well as increasing your career potential to meet the predicted market shortage for skilled and specialised nurses. On completion, Australian RNs will be eligible for the postgraduate qualification allowance.


    Kristie Smith

    Kristie Smith has “always been strongly career-driven.” Having worked as a Registered Nurse in her homeland for almost four years, the 27-year-old New Zealander “decided to solely focus on Paediatrics in an emergency department and to move to Australia for the opportunities available in this specialised field.”

    Kristie is currently studying a Graduate Certificate in Nursing Practice (Emergency) at the University of Melbourne and specifically the online Applied Pathophysiology subject as she “wanted to push (herself) to achieve an understanding of the concepts and theory to the highest level and best of (her) ability, in order to be able to effectively and correctly apply the learning to clinical practice.”

    I believe the return on my investment will not only be of benefit to my future and career satisfaction but also to the patients I care for and employers I work for during my career.

    “I have gained a better understanding of the reasoning behind many interventions and the management of patients and this has helped with critiquing practice and boosting my confidence in providing evidence-based emergency care,” she adds.

    Being able to learn in an online environment has been invaluable for Kristie, a shift worker “with an ever-changing, rotating roster.” She says, “The face-to-face teaching style or a set-class timetable is often difficult and unachievable with shift work.”

    The quality of the UoM online learning has exceeded Kristie’s expectations too. She says, “I was particularly impressed with the variety of resources provided for learning, such as specific readings from textbooks or journal articles relevant to each particular topic or component of the subject. And Student Services provided easy access to these resources to utilise at any time.”

    Unlike traditional methods of learning, Kristie discovered that “online learning requires self-motivation, personal accountability and drive – which can be a challenging aspect.” Her study motto is straightforward – "Short term sacrifice, long term goals."

    Kristie says, “If I was approached by someone thinking of enrolling in the subject, I would without a doubt encourage them to do so.”