Graduate Certificate in Physiotherapy (Exercise and Women's Health)

    The experience


    The University of Melbourne’s Graduate Certificate in Physiotherapy (Exercise and Women’s Health) prepares students to treat physical issues that specifically affect those who identify as female.

    Students of this course will gain a broad knowledge of musculoskeletal conditions and exercise interventions for treating women across the lifespan.

    The course experience

    During intensive, face-to-face practical and theoretical study, students will hone their skills in this specialised area of physiotherapy. Online material and online discussion will support this learning. Students will absorb specialised theory and practice, enabling you to examine and treat musculoskeletal conditions more commonly associated with women.

    Students of this course are more prepared with the expertise and credibility required for treating clients through specific life stages, including:

    • Adolescence
    • Pregnancy and postpartum
    • Perimenopausal and postmenopausal women
    • Older cisgender women.

    This course assists you in becoming a leading specialist in either the public or private sector, and potentially earn more income. Exposure to more specialised material will help prepare you for the challenges that can come with treating those experiencing female-specific clinical issues.


    You will benefit from the University of Melbourne’s deep industry connections and exceptional global recognition for physiotherapy.

    Through your enhanced clinical reasoning, your knowledge of musculoskeletal conditions and exercise interventions for women through the lifespan, you will be prepared to perform in the competitive arena of women’s health practice.