Graduate Certificate in Physiotherapy (Exercise and Women's Health)

    Where will this take me?


    Students of this course will gain a thorough understanding of the tenets of this specialised thread of physiotherapy, with particular focus on common musculoskeletal ailments more commonly found in women.

    The structure of this course has been specifically designed to quickly upskill graduates and cause minimal disruption to already practising physiotherapists.

    Career opportunities

    Current physiotherapists already working in private practice and hospitals benefit from improving their clinical skills through this course.

    This degree can provide career advancement opportunities for:

    • Recent graduates seeking to make their skillsets more competitive
    • Mothers returning to the workforce from maternity leave
    • Parents focusing on their career once their children are in school.

    Graduates of this course demonstrate advanced knowledge and clinical skills in vital aspects of this specialist area of physiotherapy including anatomy, physiology and pathology.

    Students who successfully complete the one-week course qualify for additional pay – currently around $5,000 per year for a full-time worker.