Graduate Certificate in Physiotherapy (Paediatrics)

The experience


As a graduate of this program, you will be qualified to treat developmental, neurological, musculoskeletal and/or respiratory conditions found specifically in children and adolescents. You will be drawn to the challenge of improving your clinical skills to help young people improve their physical health and general well-being.

The day-to-day experience

Through this Graduate Certificate in Physiotherapy (Paediatrics), you will study the theory and practice of paediatric physiotherapy – enabling you to accurately diagnose and treat disorders of human movement in young people. With access to the highest quality facilities and close supervision from clinical experts, you will learn directly from leaders in the field across a range of specialities within paediatric physiotherapy.

This part-time, four-week course is ideally structured for working physiotherapists looking to develop existing skills and expand their career horizon. During two separate fortnight blocks, you will complete industry relevant assignments and participate in clinical practice modules. Both learning modes will prepare you with the theory and experience required to excel in the treatment of young people, from infancy through to adolescence.

Students of this course will undertake clinical observation across a variety of settings including hospitals, private practices and community hubs. Throughout your clinical observations, you will observe a variety of speciality areas, including neonatal, gait, cardiorespiratory and orthopaedics. This exposure will help prepare you for the challenges that can come with treating young children in hospital and community settings.

Delivered by experienced clinicians and researchers, students from this course will be equipped with a sound comprehension of the latest research findings and studies into physiotherapist-led interventions.


As a student of the longest-running postgraduate paediatric physiotherapy course in Australia, you will join other in-demand graduates who have progressed to senior positions at major paediatric hospitals both in Victoria, and nationally.

You will also benefit from the University of Melbourne’s deep industry connections, ensuring you’re well positioned and job ready post-graduation. Graduates can also take advantage of face-to-face clinical observations with patients in leading partner institutions, including the Royal Children’s, Royal Women’s and Monash Children’s hospitals.