Graduate Certificate in Small Animal Ultrasound Abdominal

What will I study?


This Graduate Certificate course provides training in abdominal ultrasound with an emphasis on image optimisation, description and interpretation of the findings.

Course structure

This Graduate Certificate comprises of four subjects which total to 50 credit points. It’s possible to enrol in one subject at a time, and complete the course at your own pace.Alternatively you may enrol in multiple subjects at one time, however the subjects must be completed sequentially.

You will be required to keep a log of the cases you scan in your veterinary practice. Any case you examine can be logged - for example, using ultrasound to guide cystocentesis, imaging the uterus to assess for pregnancy, or imaging the liver. You are required to submit a minimum of 50 case logs to help track your progress as you study.


  • A part-time workload involves two subjects per semester, with an estimated 10 hours study time per week.
  • A full-time workload involves four subjects per semester and an estimated 20 hours study time per week.

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