Graduate Certificate in Small Animal Ultrasound Abdominal

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      Intended learning outcomes

      On successful completion of this course the candidate should be able to:

      • Acquire diagnostic ultrasound images of the abdomen of dogs and cats
      • Describe the abnormalities identified during the ultrasound examination of the abdomen
      • Interpret the abnormalities identified with respect to the patient’s other clinical information
      • Obtain fine needle aspirates or biopsy samples as indicated by the ultrasound examination
      • Communicate their findings and interpretation orally and in the form of a written ultrasound report.

      Prepare for the ANZCVS ECC membership examinations

      Passing of ANZCVS ECC membership examinations is a mandatory requirement before a veterinarian is able to sit specialty veterinary examinations within Australia. This course covers all the material in the ultrasound component of the ANZCVS Radiology Membership examination, making it a valuable step for those entering into a residency position in this area.

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      Alistair Grant