Graduate Certificate in Small Animal Ultrasound Abdominal

Where will this take me?


Advance your career and contribute to your continuing professional development

This course is worth 212 CPD points, which are vital to continued professional registration.

Intended learning outcomes

On successful completion of this course the candidate should be able to:

  • Acquire diagnostic ultrasound images of the abdomen of dogs and cats
  • Describe the abnormalities identified during the ultrasound examination of the abdomen
  • Interpret the abnormalities identified with respect to the patient’s other clinical information
  • Obtain fine needle aspirates or biopsy samples as indicated by the ultrasound examination
  • Communicate their findings and interpretation orally and in the form of a written ultrasound report.

Preparation for the ANZCVS Small Animal Radiology membership examinations

This course covers all the material in the ultrasound component of the ANZCVS Radiology Membership examination, making it a valuable step for those wishing to undertate these examinations.


Alistair Grant

"I first enrolled in this course because we wanted to improve our service offering for our patients and clients, and ultrasound is an extremely valuable modality for general practice. It’s easily accessible, it’s non invasive and can give you a lot of information. What I was really looking for was a sound and formalised instruction, which would be methodical and systematic.

I’ve really appreciated the methodical way that the course covers things, from the fundamentals right through to new ideas about just how much you can do with ultrasound.

It’s been great to be able to work through the course at my own pace. I have a young family, I’m a practice owner, and I’m pretty busy at work, so I have a fair bit on my plate. The flexibility has been a real benefit. I can study before work in the morning, and I don’t have to commit time away from work or my family. It’s just a matter of working through the content online.

I’ve been a practicing vet for nine years, and I’ve done more study every year of my working career. From a senior clinician point of view, there’s tremendous benefit in furthering my knowledge, because I can then pass it on to staff on my team. There’s a return on that financially as well, because we can improve our service offering.

That aside, the real benefit is the stimulation and continuing professional fulfilment. The moment you go idle the job becomes less interesting.

Throughout the course I’ve used what I’ve learned immediately. I might read something one morning, which might come into play that day, that week or month. The minute you’ve gone through that content, you’ve got that at your disposal. My skills are improving continuously as I work through the course. All the way through, it’s been a very worthwhile and valuable investment."

- Alistair Grant