Graduate Diploma in Clinical Education

      The experience


      Student experience

      "...The course makes you think very hard about how you teach and how you engage with students...There has been a very direct change to my practice."

      Jonathan, Emergency Physician

      "I was able to share experiences, learn from others' experiences, and take back new knowledge and relationships to teaching. It's really fabulous."

      Kirsten, Obstetrician and Gynaecologist

      Immersive and practical learning

      Learning is promoted through interactivity, context-bound case studies, best practice in health professions education (including synthesis of the latest research), and experiential learning, such as role plays, simulation-based activities, and problem-solving tasks. Participants are encouraged to reflect on their practice and to implement change amongst their own colleagues and workplaces.

      Wealth of teaching expertise

      Accomplished facilitators are drawn from a mix of clinical, educational and academic backgrounds. The course is led by coordinators who have disciplinary knowledge and understand its application to real clinical environments. Keynote sessions are delivered by leaders in the field and workshops are developed by skilled practitioners.

      Diverse professional network

      The program introduces participants to an exciting and diverse group of peers, who share a passion for teaching. Learning is promoted through the discussion of ideas, perceptions and experiences through small group work and online support.