Graduate Diploma in Clinical Research

  • CRICOS code: 055856G

Where will this take me?


The Graduate Diploma in Clinical Research is driven by industry needs and highly regarded by employers. The specialist knowledge developed through the course will expand your career prospects and put you at the heart of opportunities in healthcare.

You may choose to progress to the Master of Clinical Research, which can also be a pathway to your PhD - it satisfies the 25-point research credit to PhD admission.


Ronan Burder

I currently work as the central clinical trial coordinator for a phase 4 RCT, being run from 17 hospitals nationally.

This course directly impacted my career. When I started studying, I was a retail assistant working part-time in menswear, and I got this job mid-way through the course. The undertaking of this course set me above many applicants, I believe - even experienced trial nurses - as it proved I had an advanced understanding of clinical research.

Previously when I was looking for work I didn't really have any experience, but more than that, I just didn't know what I didn't know. Halfway through the course, I began to look for volunteer and paid clinical trials positions to get some real experience. I became more confident of my understanding of the industry, and I developed the language to realise the gaps in my knowledge.