Where will this take me?


Further study

This course is the perfect preparation for the the Master of Data Science.

When you successfully complete the Graduate Diploma with a weighted average mark of above 65%, you'll be eligible to apply for the Master of Data Science, receiving up to 50 credit points of advanced standing. This means that you can complete both the Graduate Diploma in Data Science and the Master of Data Science in just 2.5 years of study.

Career outcomes

Data science graduates go on to work as: data scientists and analysts, business intelligence analysts, software engineers, data infrastructure engineers, and statisticians.

Employers in this field include:

  • Consulting firms such as EY, KPMG and Accenture
  • Financial services companies including ANZ, CBA and NAB
  • IT corporates such as IBM, Microsoft and Telstra
  • Universities and public research institutions such as the CSIRO

Technical and professional skills

On graduating from the course you’ll have a broad education in the use of statistical and computational tools to make sense of big data. Additionally, you'll develop the following technical and professional skills:

  • Problem-solving skills: the ability to engage with unfamiliar problems and identify relevant solution strategies
  • Analytical skills: the ability to construct and express logical arguments and to work in abstract or general terms to increase the clarity and efficiency of analysis
  • Time management skills: the ability to meet regular deadlines while balancing competing commitments
  • Programming and computing skills: the ability to use statistical computing packages and implement algorithms.