Graduate Diploma in Intellectual Property Law

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What will I study?


Course structure

Students must complete four subjects from the prescribed list.

Students who do not have a law degree from a common law jurisdiction or any prior legal studies are also expected to complete the two-day preliminary subject Australian Legal Process and Legal Institutions.

Overview of Intellectual Property

Overview of Intellectual Property is a one-day seminar (forming the first day of Fundamentals of Intellectual Property that provides a general survey of the various regimes comprising intellectual property (IP). It is accredited by the TTIPAB as satisfying part of its accreditation requirements for Topic Group A.

Professional accreditation

Completing the appropriate subjects in the Graduate Diploma in Intellectual Property Law may qualify you to register as a trade marks attorney and a patent attorney under the Trans-Tasman regime. In order to qualify you should first seek advice from the Trans-Tasman IP Attorneys Board and consult with Melbourne Law School on subject selection.

TTIPAB Accreditations for Groups A, C, E, F, H and I until 30 November 2019 and for Groups B and D until 26 February 2020 and for Group G until 16 November 2023

TTIPAB Topic Group Satisfied by
A: Legal process and overview of intellectual property and either
B: Professional conduct Trade Mark Practice
C: Trade mark law Trade Marks and Unfair Competition
D: Trade mark practice Trade Mark Practice
E: Patent law Patent Law
F: Patent system Patent Practice
G: Drafting patent specifications Fundamentals of Patent Drafting
H: Interpretation and validity of patent specifications Interpretation and Validity of Patent Specifications
I: Designs law Designs Law and Practice

Subject timing and format

The Melbourne Law Masters program has been designed around the busy schedules of working professionals. Subjects are offered from February to December each year.

Most subjects are taught intensively, giving you the opportunity to immerse yourself in the subject content. Intensive subjects are typically taught over five days, either from Monday–Friday or Wednesday–Tuesday, excluding the weekend. This intensive format enables students from interstate or overseas to fly to Melbourne to attend class. Semester-length subjects are generally taught for two hours in the evening each week during the semester.

Subjects are taught in an interactive seminar style and class sizes normally range from 20 to 30 students.


As a student, you will need to enrol in at least one subject per semester and will have a maximum of two years to complete the course, including any leave of absence.

academic Profile

Professor Andrew Christie

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Students must complete 50 credit points from the prescribed list